It is a bit sad but it appears that the New Zealand RFU seems to think that we have straw in our ears. I’m pretty sure that the increasing influence of the Premiership clubs will soon dissuade them of the fact!


More overheard conversations from the NZ Committee room

Chairman: “Look – why won’t that lot up North let us move the tours to July?” 

Member 1: “Something to do with it messing up the break for their Premiership players I think” 

Chairman: “And your point is?” 

Member 2: “Not really sure – but apparently their regular season finishes in May and they would have to hang around for a bit too long before the tour” 

Member 1: “Although some will be in their play-offs” 

Chairman: ”So? 


Member 1: “When they got home they’d immediately have to start training for the new Premiership season”

Chairman: “I don’t get you”

Member 1: “Well the players involved wouldn’t get a proper break in July like now”

Member 2: “Oh I see –  suppose they’d have to stay fit and be in camp before they tour which means no rest”

Chairman: “Not my problem is it?”

Member 2: “well it sort of is” 

Member 1: “And the Premiership Clubs are pretty powerful now – the RFU will support them”

Chairman: “Bastards”

Member 1: “well we might have delayed this year for a week when they asked” 

Member 2: “Might have been a good negotiating point”

Member1: “Probably wasn’t the smartest thing to tell them to sod off”

Chairman: “You’re joking –  the Super 15 would have been out a whole week!”

Member 3 (waking up): “Excellent point Mr Chairman – don’t give the buggers anything” 

Chairman: “And it would be absolutely perfect for us and our Super 18”

Member 2: “I’ll tell them that shall I?”


Chairman: “I’m not interested in what they want – don’t you get it?”

Member 1: “I think they do sir, that’s the point”

Member 2: “If we’d delayed a week they would have been a tad happier – and maybe we’d be able to have a more sensible conversation”

Chairman: “I don’t like giving them anything”

Member1: “No – we’ve noticed that”

Chairman: “Anyway, I’ve done this great deal to play the Buzzards or Redskins or someone – lots of dosh playing in that big place with all those skyscrapers”

Member1: “Pity we couldn’t have gone to Samoa though – we do owe them”

Chairman: “No money in that you twerp – just tell them we’re too busy and will think about it after the next three or four World Cups! – that should shut them up”

A note to the New Zealand rugby toffs – we might have been born at night mate – but it wasn’t last night!

A global season, by definition has to work for everyone – not just those in Auckland.

By the way, there’s growing support (and even a petition) from people in New Zealand for  tours to Samoa, Fiji & Tonga – maybe the NZ RFU should listen to them.–will-the-All-Blacks-go-to-Samoa/tabid/817/articleID/345991/Default.aspx