Overheard in New Zealand RFU committee room –


Chairman: ”The teams up North are trying to nick our players”

Member 1: ”yeah – bastards”

Chairman: “They are targeting all the best lads”

Member 2 (giggling): “Well – they’d hardly want the rubbish ones would they!”

Chairman (ignoring him):”I mean, what have they even got to offer?”

Member 1:”More cash!”


Chairman: ”What?”

Mem2: ”well they do have rather a lot of dosh

Chairman :”Ok – fair enough, but apart from that?”

Member 1:”Cars”

Member 2:”Oh yes – they have really nice motors – ones with that little thing in the back that you can hang your jacket on”

Member 1:”and terrific sponsorship deals”

Chairman (getting annoyed) :“alright – but apart from cash, cars with coat hooks and sponsors – what have they got?”


Member 1:”the 6 Nations”

Member 2:”and lots of very nice looking groupies”

Chairman (losing patience): ”Okay, – but apart from cars, money, crumpet, sponsors and the 6 Nations, there’s not…

Member 2: “There’s that nice song..”

Chairman (fiercely): “Will you just shut up!”

There is an embarrassing silence and everyone pretends to look down at their notes.

Chairman (moving on): “Now about this Kiwi called Thor – who’s sorting out his passport then?”

Member 1:” …er……..he’s Tongan”

Chairman:” What?”

Member 2:” He’s .. well..he’s actually from Tonga, Mr Chairman

Member 1:” the clue’s sort of in  the pre-fix!”

Chairman:” oh f**k off,”

At this point the meeting finished!