My mate Ben is fond (overly in my view) of telling the story of an incident in a match down in Lydney.


I took a pass from him – I know, not as surprised as I was I can tell you – not only did he chuck it but I didn’t drop it! Anyway, I was just outside their 22 (that’s the 25 in old money) and was faced by two of their blokes – for some obscure reason I thought I could ghost between them – much as Gerald Davies did in a game on the ’71 Lions tour (against Hawkes Bay I think).

After all, these were blokes from the valley of the vegetables – how hard could it be?

I dummied left and right – one for each of them and set off at pace – when I came to I was a bit dazed but managed to spot Ben – he was laying on his back like a stranded turtle pissing himself laughing.


The fact that the Lydney lot spent most of the week pulling up reluctant turnips or picking up cows and chucking them onto the back of tractor carts should have been a bit of a clue I suppose – anyway I never tried to wriggle past big blokes (or little ones to be fair) ever again!

Which brings me to today’s post – thanks again once more to Fox Sports for another top 5 – this one features little blokes taking on big bastards.

Maybe Fox should do another top 5 – where some poor sods get munched by two blokes at the same time – I could do with a laugh!


Enjoy the weekend guys – two big European Finals – big couple of days for the makers of Cider, pasties and Vimto I should think.

Oh yeah – Harro and the Taunton lot are in Cardiff from tonight – you have been warned!