Before I get started on this I’d like to point out that it is meant as a tongue in cheek post and should not be taken too seriously. Nonetheless being a forward it always gives me immense pleasure in getting on over the fly half so I won’t feel too guilty about this post. Anyway here are 10 sure signs that you’re a fly half;

1. You’ve never been near a proper drink in your entire rugby playing days…


There’s no beating 2-4-1 cocktails after all 😉

2. Most of your friends would describe you as a big fairy


It’s what’s inside that counts though eh!


3. You spend more time in the tanning salon that one of those Kardashian creatures

Fake Tan

Look good feel good, or something like that anyway…

4. There’s never enough gel in the world


After all who wants to look like they’ve pranced around for 80 minutes before the team photo


5. Your girlfriend warms up with your 1 rep max


But obviously you’re just trying to make her feel good about herself

6. It’s all about the boots


Because no pair of boots can ever be too bright or shiny


7. You choose flight over fight everytime


That big lads up front should be doing the tackling, you’re just there to look good remember

8. Your celebrations look like a scene from High School Musical


Obviously because Zac Efron is your idol


9. Physical confrontations just aren’t your bag

Physical Conflicts

It’s not that you can’t, more just that you’d rather not….right?

10. The mirror look ggggooooooooooooodddddd!!!!


Well what’s the point in avoiding physical confrontations if you can’t check yourself out once in a while

I think I may just have enjoyed that a little bit too much, but don’t worry fly halves we know how important (and pretty) you are…