The Australian Rugby Union is giving fans the opportunity to propose any law changes that would be implemented during their new National Rugby Championship begins in August.  What law changes would you like in rugby?


This initiative is intended to increase the fans input into the game of rugby and hopefully help the new domestic competition off the ground for once as they keep trying a domestic competition in Australia with limited success.

Some new rugby rules for me would definitely involve clarifying forward passes so that it is simply if the ball is caught forward of where it was passed from.

The breakdown is always an interesting area full of controversy.  I wonder if rucking should be brought back in to stop players lying all over the ball.

Scrums are a nuisance.  I think that scrums should continue if the ball is at the Number Eight’s feet, even if it has collapsed.  I am sick of these halfbacks getting penalised for not putting the ball in straight.  I would also rather see free kicks awarded for scrum infringements rather than penalties.

I think that quick taps should be allowed to be taken from anywhere on or behind the referee, because I hate when referees stop players taking taps from a metre from the correct mark.

Should they have 40 / 20 s in union like rugby league?  So you get the lineout throw if you kick the ball from inside your own forty metres and it bounces into touch within 20 metres of the opposition goal line.

Is it time for rugby to have two onfield referees?

Should players who don’t interfere with the play be penalised?  Sometimes referees are pedantic with this.

Should advantages be of a consistent length like two opportunities to score and advantage is over.  Should penalty and free kick advantages be the same length rather than more leeway given for a penalty.

Should drop goals be worth one point instead of three?

I hate the way referees are inconsistent with some rulings.  Sometimes accidential offside when a player touches the ball after being infront of his teammate is penalised and other times it is a free kick.  I want consistent rulings.

With TMO rulings, I think the referee shouldn’t be allowed to say anything.  Some referees ask if there is a reason why they can’t award a try and others don’t.  I also think that the TMO should be allowed to jump in to prevent an incorrect decision being made if they see an incorrect ruling or an injustice.

Should the benefit of the doubt go to the attacking or defending team when deciding if a try is scored?

Should substitutions be allowed back onto the field?  I think the whole blood bin is cheating when a player barely has blood.

What rule changes do you want to see in rugby?