European Rugby is proposing a change to their season which would see the Northern Hemisphere season moved back a month to start in October meaning June International tours would now happen in July.  This move is being made with the help of the International Players’ Association and would not only benefit Northern Hemisphere players, but would remove the annoying June International break from Super Rugby.  This would condense the Southern Hemisphere rugby season and would therefore be appreciated by New Zealand players.


This issue is being discussed with the IRB and wouldn’t commence until the 2015-2016 season.

I love this idea since I think the June International break really ruins the Super Rugby competition at the moment. Teams start getting momentum before they get nearly a month off.  It would also allow for a smoother transition so that international players would hopefully get more preparation time and then play the domestic test matches in July before the Rugby Championship starts in August.  It works really well for the Southern Hemisphere teams.


What do you think about the potential changes to the global rugby season?