7 of the Funniest Bombed Tries of All Time

This post was particularly fun to put together as it essentially meant sitting at my computer watching hours of hilarious rugby footage of players at all levels of the game bombing nailed on tries. I’m sure you will have your own to add to the list but here are my top 7 funniest bombed tries of all time;

1. Japan 7’s Swan Dive Fail

2. Carling Gets Held Up


3. Juan Manuel Leguizamon Crash Landing

4. Sonny Bill Williams Oversteps the Mark


5. He’s Got the World Cup in His Hands

6. Schoolboy Error


7. He’s Heading for the Posts

Which do you think are the funniest bombed tries of all time?




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  1. These are all classics! Especially that Will Carling, it is absolutely priceless! Still makes me chuckle every time! I do think it is a bit unfair to include a school boy error with the professionals though.

    Some of my favourites:

    Christophe Dominici dropping the ball whilst showboating in goal against Italy in 2004.

    Rob McCusker ‘scoring’ under the posts for the Scarlets v Leinster at the start of this season (try was given but ball was grounded a yard short)

    Alifereti Doviverata for Fiji v Japan in RWC2003. He beats 3 players and drops the ball on the line.

    Severo Koroduadua for Fiji v France in RWC1987. Running in from the halfway line and for some reason launches the ball forward with 10m still to go.

    Hiroyuki Tanuma for Japan v Wales in RWC1999. The lock is standing out on the wing for a simple jog in. Not only does he fail to catch the pass (the ball going straight through his legs), but when he picks the ball up he runs to steps and drops it on the floor with no pressure from the Welsh cover tackler.

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