Rugby goes next-gen with Rugby 15 this autumn

Rugby 15 will be released for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita and Windows PC this autumn, Bigben Interactive has announced.1544524_576893942385847_1820701275_n

The first next generation Rugby title is in development at Canadian-based HB Studios, which previously created Rugby World Cup 2011.


Rugby 15 will exclusively feature the official licences for the TOP 14 and PRO D2 professional rugby leagues.

“With this new sport simulation we are pursuing our strategy of moving upmarket with strong licences and quality partnerships, as with HB Studios,” declared Alain Falc, CEO of Bigben Interactive. “Today it gives us great pleasure to announce the very first rugby game on new generation consoles with the TOP 14 and the PRO D2, thanks to the support of the Ligue Nationale de Rugby (French Rugby Association). We are certain that fans of the sport will enjoy it!”


The game will feature teams from the 2014/2015 season.




  1. still wait to see a decent rugby management game for PC. EA doesn’t have a good reputation when it comes to rugby simulation games

  2. im from nz and we’ve bin waiting for the new ea rugby game for years we dont even count the 2011 world cup game being released as that was pretty much rugby 08 should buy the rights to the all blacks super rugby etc or your game will flop hard you want to play as the best team in the world not a made up team ,i turned the game off and never played it again when i saw the amount of bullshit teams that were completley made up. .DO IT RIGHT DONT HALF ASS IT.BUY THE RIGHTS BACK IF YOU CANT PUT THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE TEAMS IN OTHERIWSE ITLL BE A FLOP LIKE EVERY OTHER RUGBY GAME RELEASED SINCE THE GOLDEN DAYS OF 06 AND 08 can already see this game flopping if its only got the liscences to 2 comps.what a waste of fuckin time

  3. This game will quickly fall into the ‘shit rugby games that came after Rugby 08’ category if they don’t get some more licenses. Only two leagues?! No RaboDirect Pro12, Aviva Prem or Super Rugby?! Unless they improve things no-one will buy this game regardless of how good the actual gameplay is.

    • chances are they’re just going push forward the same physics engine and gameplay as rugby world cup, just with better graphics. so it doesnt matter how many teams they have the game will still blow.

  4. will it have ultimate team?

  5. Luke Michael Swan

    What about making a World League, like in Rugby ’08 and ’06? Don’t forget SupeRugby and a proper NZ squad, the game just wouldn’t be complete without it. We seem to be regressing rather than progressing in these rugby games.

  6. If your going to make “concept” artwork may aswell make the year on the box correct

  7. It can be ten times better than Rugby 08 in terms of graphics and gameplay in general but without licences it’s just another reject after 08.

  8. Im from New Zealand I follow Super Rugby and Ive never had any interest in the Northern Comps. Tru Blu Rugby Challenges only flaw was the lack of licences. If they at least had the South Africans in Rugby Challenge it would have been nicer. There are the Northen teams in Rugby Challenge and neither me or any of my friends have ever played with any of the Northern teams in the game. Sorry ppl. This HB game wont go well down under coz all the teams in Rugby 15 are ones u lot follow and we dnt care about.

  9. iam from south Africa and would like ea sports or hb steadies to start thinking abouit better rugby games all the past ps3 rugby games was not up to standard the only good rugby game that was made was the ps2 rugby game made by ea sports. even the jona luma game was not up to standart. the selling of these games in south Africa was not good. bevore u make a new rugby game ask ea sports to help. because if this new rugby game is not made by ea sports its not gouing to be the same as the pbyevios ps2 rugby games and the selling of the rugby game in souith Africa is not gouing to be be good. ,, every jear ea sports makes new sokker games why not start thinking about ea sports rugby games. or is it to difikult to gombine the players together. I realy hope u are making a proper ps3 rugby game……………………

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