Most rugby players reach a stage during their playing days when they face the tough task of admitting they are no longer fit for any other purpose than helping to prop up the front row. Here’s 7 sure signs that it’s time to give up on the dreams of dancing around defences on the wing and finally join the front union;


1. You can no longer see your….feet


2. The idea of sticking your head between a sweaty blokes thighs seems more appealing than running

funnyrugby43. You’re more interested in what the post match meal is than whose playing for the opposition


4. You find yourself digging deeper and deeper in the kit bag to find a shirt with at least one more X



5. You know you’re too tough to even consider wearing coloured boots

AdidasCopaMundialSamba6. You find you are able to neck a pint faster than anyone else in the club

Picture 3 0107. You find yourself turning up to games in shorts all year round, after all comfort is more important than anything else


Beware though, once you join the front row there is no going back…