Being competitive at the top level is becoming increasingly more difficult for professional rugby clubs as some teams continue to lead the way. Here are my 5 essential elements for a successful modern professional rugby club;

1. A Top Class Tighthead

adam-jones-pic-getty-79750950The position of tighthead has once again become just about the most important position on the pitch due to the new scrum engagement laws. This has significantly increased the need for teams to recruit and retain a top class tighthead prop.


2. A Creative Accountant

accountantPossibly the most important member of a modern professional rugby club! Having the right accountant who can make a team packed full of international talent fit under a salary cap is an absolute essential for any team looking to compete for honours.

3. Strength & Conditioning Team

Gym_Training_MaximuscleVid_WebWith the increasing physical demands on professional rugby players the importance of a top class strength and conditioning team is becoming more and more obvious. The strength & conditioning team need to keep players at their optimal performance level whilst not risking injury.

4. Fans

Rugby_Fans_9This ones pretty self-explanatory, without the fans a rugby club simply wouldn’t exist. The important of fans cheering on their team is huge however fundamentally clubs need fans spending their money on match tickets, shirts and beer.


5. Beer

Rugby-BeerAs professional as rugby may get, you still can’t overlook the importance of beer in the successful running of a club. It’s a great way for players to bond and relax whilst fans also aren’t shy of a pint or three…

What do you think is the most important element in a successful rugby club?