Nigel Owens is now widely regarded as just about the best referee currently in rugby after officiating a string of World Class games at the very top level. As well as being a truly magnificent referee, Nigel Owens has also become known for his brilliant one liners that cut rugby players down to size in seconds. Here are 9 of Nigel Owens best moments;


1. This is not soccer

Tobias Botas is cut right down to size by Nigel Owens with one of the most quotable lines in rugby as he is told “this is not soccer.”


2. Everyone in!

Nigel Owens gets fed up with things as Scarlets and Leinster clash so calls every last player in for a talking to.

3. This doesn’t look good

Whilst refereeing possibly the game of the 2014 6 Nations Nigel Owens makes Tom Wood and Louis Picamoles aware they are doing the games image no favours.


4. Do you want to take the kick?

After Number 8 Sergio Parisse puts in a magnificent kick along the touchline Nigel Owens asks the Stade Français captain if he fancies a crack at the posts.

5. The Game of the Century

Nigel Owens oversees the best game of rugby fans have witnessed in years as New Zealand overcome South Africa 38 – 27 even cramping up in the process.


6. The Football stadium’s that way

Nigel Owens warns Anthony Allen that the “football stadium is 500 yards that way” in response to some backchat from the Leicester Tigers player.

7. Don’t mess with Nigel Owens

Nigel Owens makes it perfectly clear not to mess with him on multiple occasions during a clash between Munster and the Ospreys.


8. Cwtch later

Nigel comes out with another belter to diffuse this situation…

9. I’m straighter than that

Owens tells Harlequins hooker Dave Ward that he’s straighter than his line out throws…

*by popular demand here’s Owens telling Yohan Huget and Mike Brown that they’re both acting very immaturely!

What is your favourite Nigel Owens moment?