After our features on 5 types of props and 13 types of players that you find in rugby, it’s now time to turn our attention to the second row. Below are the 5 types of locks you will come across at some stage whilst playing rugby;

1. The Monster

Without doubt the biggest player in the team, the monster is an essential for any team. Being so large it is inevitable the monster plays as a lock where they can assert their physicality in the tight and the loose. Quite often a fairly simple creature, the monster may not have the nous of some of the other players but they more than make up for it in commitment to the cause.

the monster[adsenseyu1]

2. The Vet

The Vet is the kind of player who has been around the club seemingly forever, having played at every level they have often settled into a second or third team role. Playing as a lock means the Vet can use their wiliness and guile learnt over a lifetime of making a nuisance of themselves whilst also influencing the referee at every opportunity.

the vet



3. The Gentle Giant

A player who looks like they should be a monster, but in reality are often as soft as their belly. A great speed bump but pretty much useless in all other aspects of the game as they fail to take full advantage of their considerable bulk. Be careful though as if pushed too far the Gentle Giant may snap and turn into something of a Monster.

the gentle giant

4. The Scrapper

The kind of player who seems more interested in a potential scuffle than actually playing the game most weekends. A nightmare to have in the team most of the time, but the kind of player no team can be without. When you have a Scrapper in the team you can feel confident going into any confrontation as you know they have your back.

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5. The Midget

The Midget is the kind of player who gets shoved into a position (in this case lock) and seems to stay there despite it defying all logic. The Midget is usually one of the smallest players on the team but because they once played their 20 years ago they seem to have been permanently shoved into the donkey row (often because they shouldn’t be allowed to play anywhere else).

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Which type of lock are you?

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6. The Human Stick Insect

The player who for some inexplicable reason has grown to a ridiculous height, but maintains the waist size of a 14 year old girl. The perfect line out option due to weighing less than a crate of beer and handy around the fringes due to a wingspan equivalent to that of a jumbo jet. But too tall and slow to play any other position.