Following on from our 13 types of players you find in any rugby team we’ve decided to take a look at the types of people you find in specific positions. This time around we will be looking at the 5 types of props you find when playing rugby;

1. The Beast

The kind of prop who spends every spare second in the gym. Bulging biceps unfortunately aren’t enough though to compensate for this props complete lack of talent or technique.

THE BEAST[adsenseyu1]

2. The Fatty

A prop who was quit literally born for the position. So rotund is this type of prop that they wouldn’t stand a chance of playing any other position.

THE FATTY[adsenseyu4]

3. The Sacrifice

Often The Sacrifice is a back rower forced to play prop due to no other genuine front rowers being in the team. Often sacrificed before other fatter players because they happened to mention they once player prop when they were 11.


4. The W(h)inger

Despite playing in the front row, the w(h)inger is usually found hidden somewhere out on the wing, seeking out glory rather than getting stuck into the hard work with the rest of the pack.

THE W(H)INGER[adsenseyu1]

5. The Oldie

The kind of prop who looks way past his best but when it comes to scrummaging their years of experience result in them absolutely dominating players much bigger and younger than themselves.

THE OLDIE[adsenseyu4]

Which type of prop are you?