The 5 Greatest Tries of All Time

As the cornerstone of rugby tries are able to excite and infuriate fans around the World in equal measure. One thing all fans are able to agree on unanimously however is when a truly magnificent try has been scored. Below (in no particular order) we take a look at the 5 best tries of all time and you can vote for your favourite below;


Gareth EDWARDS – BARBARIANS vs. New Zealand

The Barbarians have always been known for their style and flair, but no piece of player better sums up this magnificent team move from deep in their own half finished off by Gareth Edwards.


Christian CULLEN – HURRICANES vs. Warratahs

A magnificent individual effort as Christian Cullen breaks from his own line and dummies and weaves his way through the Warratahs defence to score a great solo try.

Jean-Luc SADOURNY – FRANCE vs. New Zealand

French flair at it’s absolute best as Jean-Luc Sadourny scores a match winning try in the last minute against the All Blacks after finishing off a magnificent team move from deep.


All Blacks legend Sir John Kirwan scores one of the greatest tries of all time as he collects the ball deep in his own half and uses pace, power and guile to run the ball almost the length of the pitch.


Carlos SPENCER – BLUES vs. Crusaders

Carlos Spencer powers through the Crusaders defence to finish a fantastic team try that started between his own sides posts and included some of the greatest off-loads of all time.


Let us know in the comments section if you think we’ve missed any tries out and vote for your favourite below;

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  1. All of these tries are spectacular, but that Christian Cullen try was just something else

  2. Phil Bennett’s sidestep makes it for me

  3. Gotta be Carlos Spencer’s, he starts it with a quadruple miss pass in front of his own flippin posts then finishes it off with pure pace. Blues were only up by 2 points in the last minute of the game too, just ridiculous.

  4. How Christian Cullen’s try against Australia in 2000 didn’t make the list i’m not too sure. Best set piece move ever.

  5. Would enjoy some more accuracy in writing please. Carlos played for the Blues not the Bulls, let get that sorted out eh?

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