Not content with encouraging non-competitive rugby and trying to ban tackling and scrums for kids (both featured in earlier posts here) we now have weight limits being imposed for Under 11s (that’s age not stone – although it could be the IQ of the people doing it!).


A maximum bulk of 50kg (that’s 7st 11b in old money) has been introduced at a top 7s event –

There are also limits for U13s too!


When I played at school and Askeans we wanted all the big b******s in the side (as long as they weren’t opposite me, obviously).

In case people haven’t noticed, rugby is a game that is absolutely ideal for chunky blokes – they tend to do rather well at it. It certainly suits them a bit more than marathon running, gymnastics or ice skating anyway.

Apparently however, that has now changed and natural physical advantage in the scrum and lineout is to be neutralised by not letting them play at all – presumably until some of the littler brats put on a bit of beef. I bet Stuart Lancaster is right chuffed.


At least the weedier kids will not feel intimidated – and they can begin to think that they are quite good. I imagine it’ll be a bit of a shock in a couple of years when they suddenly find themselves faced by a disgruntled big f****r who has been waiting some time to get involved.

A kid used to scything through all the other weedy ones untouched may suddenly wake up in A & E wondering what the fuck happened.


If it is such a good idea to level the playing fields (almost literally) perhaps it should have a wider application in schools –

The best swimmers should be made to wear army boots in galas

Skinny cross country runners have to carry backpacks full of rocks

Tallest kids in basketball have to play on their knees

Anyone with Ronaldo pretensions to have their boot laces tied together

You probably think I am just taking the p**s now – but let’s be fair, they started it!

I was always glad that we had big buggers like Kev B, Kieran, Jimmy, Lunny, Chas, The Bensteads, Chunky, John Long and Alex Mitchell in our teams and preferred it when the opposition didn’t (big blokes not these particular individuals, obviously).

Often though, we were up against much bigger sods – especially when we ventured west to be welcomed (?) by a load of hairy farm workers and miners.

If only I’d known then about the potential of a weight limit rule – I could have had a word with the ref.

A swift weigh-in might have ended up with us getting all the porkers from their team sent off and made me a lot braver if I ever managed to catch the ball (so not much of a real benefit then).

The article was in the NZ Herald and I imagine they are having a right laugh about it in the land of the long white cloud and the big black shirt.

There are a lot of Maori and Island kids who tip the scales at a tad less than Courtenay Lawes. Is Steve Hansen lobbying to stop them playing? I don’t think so.

Many people will call this another extension of the nanny state – that’s a bit too polite – it’s actually total b********s.