It’s All About to Go Pete Tong for Wales

So, I love to be in the minority on a few subjects, I’m still waiting for my day to be proven right on a few issues, notably Mike Brown being England’s third best fullback and average at best.


So today I’m going to pull the Dragons tail and tell it how it really is about Wales.


In the whole period that they have been hailed as world beaters with world class players and on the cusp of something really special, they have managed to win two games of note and been pretty average elsewhere.

Their much quoted glorious world cup run consisted of them beating Ireland and…..well, that was it. Their captain got sent off, they lost to France and Australia and South Africa. Reality, not some made up statistic.

After their glorious failure they won the six nations which is always a triumph for any team, but it was hardly a thumping victory including squeaking past England at Twickenham. A good win but no slaughter.


Then with much hype attached they went to Australia….. and lost…. All three tests.  They were close, but if they were any good, they would have won one, somewhere along the line. Even the improving but still mediocre England managed a draw in South Africa, a far harder task. That was the beginning of the infamous eight, yes eight defeats in a row.

Wales did redeem themselves with the 6 Nations changing win over England, their only other decent victory to date. A real thumping when their title was on the line against a very poorly selected England team.

As for them forming the back bone of the Lions, true they did, but in the key position of fly half to orchestrate was an Irishman, and to be honest, that was without doubt the worst Australia team I have ever seen. It was almost as though they knew the survival of the Lions tours rested on them losing.

Back to the Autumn internationals and another host of losses to the southern hemisphere and Ireland in the 6 Nations who have their number. They did win well versus the Gallic Enigma, but I firmly believe they will well and truly come unstuck this weekend.

England are on a very strong upward trajectory. Tuilagi isn’t being rushed back, unlike Jonathan Davies, as there is no need with Burrell playing so well and they have real competition for places in every position. Second choice props, wingers and centres are proving no hindrance at the moment.

I can see a ten point or more winning margin for England and with Jenkins and Jones reaching the end Wales are going to have some serious issues come World Cup time.




  1. Patrick Saunders

    Mean-spirited and disrespectful. As a real rugby supporter, supporting my team has never meant belittling the opposition. In fact, I get pleasure from seeing good rugby whenever it is played even if it is against the team I am supporting.

    Perhaps the author could learn from the following statement by the RFU who recognise respect and sportsmanship as core values of the game:

    “Sportsmanship is the foundation upon which rugby union is built. We
    uphold the rugby tradition of camaraderie with teammates and opposition.
    We observe fair play both on and off the pitch and are generous in
    victory and dignified in defeat. We play to win but not at all costs and
    recognise both endeavour and achievement.”

    • Hi Patrick. I don’t think a critique of a professional team is in anyway mean spirited, these aren’t school boys that need encouraging, just that there has been a Wales love in for over two years that I feel has totally over inflated the teams capabilities. After the result on saturday I don’t believe I was too far off the mark. I was merely pointing out that their victories over countries of note have been non existent. Countries and players at international level should be judged by the highest standards consistently set by the southern hemisphere and Wales have simply failed to make a dent there in three years. Regards. R

      • Hi Rich,

        It’s not really about being right or wrong because part of the fun of being a supporter is that we have different perspectives and opinions – it’s about accepting this when we choose to engage with others.

        I firmly believe that one of the main benefits of rugby is that it has the power to bring us together. Our sport is correctly proud because its supporters can sit next to each other in the stands and drink beer with each other at the bar. Call me old fashioned but I’d like that to be preserved.

        If you think that Sunday’s scoreboard helps you to win the argument, you’re completely missing the point. The merit of your argument wasn’t my objection. It’s that your article is negative and destructive and uses rugby to divide us. It is full of anger and bitterness which is present in both content and tone. It manifests itself in a total unwillingness to give credit where it’s due while at the same time being overly eager to criticise. It’s this hostility and lack of balance that makes it mean-spirited. More balance and more empathy please.

        I pointed you to the RFU page about the core values of the game in the hope that you would reconsider the way that you think about our sport. I again challenge you to enjoy and celebrate good rugby wherever you find it and to be generous to everyone involved in the game, not just your own team. I sincerely hope that you do this. If you do, I think that you’ll get quite a lot out of it and it will improve your writing.


  2. If you look at it that way you could say any team in the world are complete crap. As for Wales’s performances in the last world cup , they weren’t really given a chance to show what they could do ,with a bit of luck and no red card they would have gone through to the final. Anyway form completely goes out of the window when it comes to the world cup.

  3. People might take this a bit more seriously if you weren’t so delusional as to maintain your stance on Mike Brown, who has arguably been the player of the tournament so far.

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