10 Reasons Why Rugby is Better Than Football

Pretty self-explanatory really but here are my 10 biggest reasons that rugby is better than football (or soccer for our American friends);


1 – The Fans

rugby fansRugby fans are a great bunch, we all seem capable of getting along even in the biggest of games without the need for a hefty security presence. The fact that even in the most competitive games opposition fans are able to sit next to one another without segregation only helps improve the good natured banter.


2 – Respect

rugby vs footballThe respect isn’t just confined to the fans however as rugby players at least have the decency to listen to the referee and do as they are told (usually) rather than sending a barrage of abuse at him.

3 – The Players

581938_364239217009867_1528571691_nThere isn’t much chance of seeing rugby players diving, feigning injury or attempting to con the referee. In fact a rugby player is much more likely to try to manipulate the referee by pretending not to be hurt.


4 – The Kits

090630_stade_francais_new_jerseyYes they might not be the height of fashion but at least in rugby we don’t take ourselves too seriously. This has led to some of the most fun, bizarre and wacky kits imaginable (there’s also been some pretty decent ones).

5 – Internationals

haka_1755458iThe importance of internationals in football is rapidly diminishing whereas in rugby they are the absolute pinnacle for players and fans alike. Nothing unites a nation like a major rugby international.

6 – The Tackles

This doesn’t really need an explanation, just see the video above…


7 – Inclusivity

1546012_439062186194236_146231097_nRugby truly is an all-inclusive game, it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, there will always be a spot in the team for you.

8 – The Banter

Let’s face it, as a sport rugby doesn’t take itself too seriously – just see the video above for proof.

9 – The Team

Blues shaved headsEven the biggest names in the sport have no issue helping their mates out for a good cause, just see the Cardiff Blues boys getting a chop for  team-mate Matthew Rees above.

10 – The Passion

We might be c**p at singing and dancing but when it comes to showing pride in the shirt we give our all during the national anthem or haka! Can you say the same about football players?




  1. Always makes me laugh when I see this “rugby players don’t feign injury argument”. You all conveniently forgotten one of the most famous faked injuries scandals in living memory just a few years ago?
    You have a point in relation to some of these arguments but bloodgate attracted more publicity than any faked football injury I can think of and this in a country where football is usually the sport that attracts the most publicity.

    • Huh. Yeah, bloodgate. Question: How many footballers get banned for faking an injury? And how long are they suspended? One season? Two? Three? None?

      There’s an equivalency fallacy here. It’s not like a Bloodgate happens every match and is so widely accepted as just part of the game that it gets mocked in commercials. There’s a bit of a difference. Get back to us when you spot multiple faked injuries per match (rugby, not football).

    • You had to go back 5 years to find that. There’s a faked injury about every 60 seconds in wendyball.

      • Paul Walsh, you are a very sad man…. Get over it. There is a reason that the most watched sport in the world is Football. Yeah we know that some aspects take away from the sport but it doesnt stop it being great. Oh and i like Rugby too (SHOCK)

  2. u are the worlds biggest idoit football is the best and always will be

  3. you r still awesome and completely right rugby is awesome

  4. Football is good when there are great players playing like Messi, Ronaldinho, they can do the impossible, however it can be extremely boring watching two average sides. Whereas in rugby any match can be entertaining as the ball skills are not that complex compared to football.

    I wouldn’t say Rugby is more inclusive, you have to be very strongly built to play rugby, most players are 90kg – 120kg. Only the tall footballers weigh over 80kg. Football is the most popular sport in the world because it’s the most simple and accessible team sport in the world, all you need is a ball to have a kick around.

  5. number 7 you stated that it doesn’t matter what size you are you can play, well actually it’s because rugby needs big and fat players to smash people over- haven’t you seen the over weight rugby players on tv

    i could go on and on all day y ur wrong but i’ve got better things to do like play the worlds famous sport-FOOTBALL

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