What Features Would You Like To See In An EA Rugby Game?

With our Facebook page Petition for EA to Make Rugby 14 rapidly growing on a daily basis we thought now would be a good idea to get your thoughts and opinions on some features you might like to see…


Whether it be the ability to transfer players from rugby league (like Sam Burgess’ move this week) or an ultimate team feature, comment below and let us know which features you would like to see in a new EA Rugby game and we will compile the most popular





  1. Fully licensed teams has to be the number one! Otherwise keep gameplay like the EA Rugby Series (04, 06, 08) the systems in RWC and Rugby Challenge were pathetic! Maybe pick any team for World League?

    Chip kicks would be nice, otherwise just get the game out there!

  2. ultimate team really gd graphics, career mode like player and manager and you can create players and teams

  3. Ultimate team would make me really horny

  4. Follow the likes of rugby challenge 2 for a lot of the features. In addition to the Rugby Challange 2 game I would add Ultimate team, more attributes, better rating, more realistic gameplay, create set pieces, better options when running (tackle break, hand off, spin left, spin right, hitch kick, driving at ankles to score).
    In the career mode it would be good to do proper transfers. Good team tactics. be able to have a lions tour, world cup and all in between during the career mode.
    Id like to see better player improvement, also have players improve more and faster when there are other older and more experienced players in their presence. Maybe a youth team.

    World League. updating teams regularly.

  5. CaptainCharisma Fani Masakale

    keep the gameplay as it is in rugby08, jus make the world league a bit more realistic wth transfers and international competitions throughout the season..also add sevens players, and make it possible 2 transfer thm to 15man rugby teams…keep the cntrols similar to rugby08, and better the graphics; dont make it like rwc2011..please!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Licensed teams and 08 gameplay… that game was perfect, honestly if it was just an updated version of that with the same graphics i’d be over the moon

  7. Defiantly an ultimate team option, with a player career mode like in Fifa.

    Also, all major international teams and stadiums should be included.

    This seems like an unbelievable opportunity for EA to throw down a marker and produce a lasting franchise like they have done with Fifa. If I was in the development team I would be jumping at this opportunity.

  8. I’d like, no LOVE, a continuously updating roster feature for career mode… Like say in 2015 a new player is discovered or whatever, as your current player is reaching his retirement age… Then the roster can add the new player so you can recruit him while remaining realistic… Instead of generic young players..

  9. An allstars team for the main countries, e.g. People like David Campese and John Eales for Australia and Percy Montgomery and Joost van der Westhuizen for South Africa… That would be pretty cool.

  10. I would like player career mode, where u just can be a player at a certain position, for example fly-half or fullback. Ultimate team would also be good.
    Just improve the graphics from Rugby 08 and then the game would be perfect. It would be perfect with good graphics and a game-system kinda like Fifa with UT, career mode and online gamemodes

  11. Here a few (a lot) of ideas for this potential game:

    – Have the same camera angle as Rugby Challenge
    – Actually good music on the home menu screen and during stoppages in games. Rugby Challenge’s music was so boring and annoying, and there were no actual songs
    – Have a ‘hit-stick’, like on the Madden NFL series
    – Have set piece plays, like on Rugby 08. This is a major flaw on Rugby Challenge’s behalf, because it made that game too free-flowing and not enough structure was involved. The right balance of both is needed for it to be realistic
    – Another flaw from Rugby Challenge was the fact that too many forwards were involved in backline plays too often. Again, this made it too unrealistic, and only one, maybe two forwards should be in the backline every so often (preferably closer to the rucks, in between and behind the scrum half and fly-half)
    – Like Rugby Challenge and the old EA Rugby games, there should be an option to compete at the breakdown
    – Yet again, another flaw from the Rugby Challenge game was the inability to charge down or intercept the ball. This should be in the game
    – There needs to be an instant replay option in the menu, unlike Rugby Challenge
    – A potentially popular feature could be an in-game fight mode, similar to that of EA Sports’ NHL Hockey, where they could use EA Sports Fight Night technology to solve a few altercations. This could be popular, the the viewing recommendations may move up to PG or M
    – Like other EA Sports games, have an Ultimate Team feature
    – It would be cool to have a ‘Be a Pro/Superstar’ mode, as well as a ‘Be a Ref’ mode. This would be a unique facet to the game and make the game stand out
    – Focusing on the ‘Be a Pro’ mode, to make this game unique, the players life that you are controlling could be very detailed, from playing on the weekends, through to training throughout the week, both field and gym sessions, determining the players’ diet, pre-match preparation and warm up, off-field desicions made in public (ie, being giving the option to go out on a Thursday night), post-match recovery, relationships with coaches, players, fans, agents and media, the ability to use social media and pre-season preparation. All of these factors would effect the players’ performance on the weekends and his status within the squad and with the fans
    – Another popular and unique feature would be a ‘Sevens Career’ option, where you could play as a team, or ‘Be a Pro’, for a player/team on the IRB World Sevens Circuit. The feature could include the Sevens World Cup, Commonwealth Games and the Olympics
    – Like Rugby Challenge, players should be able to be called up for international duty in Career Mode, and, while on the subject of Career Mode, there should be a realistic transfer market system
    – When playing as a New Zealand or South African Super Rugby team in Career Mode, you should be able to sign players from the ITM Cup or Currie Cup in the off-season, if needed, based on their peformances in those competitons, as they do in real life
    – Before you start Career Mode in a club competition, there should be the option for a Fantasy Draft, similar to that of Madden NFL or 2K NBA
    – In addition to being able to create your own player (with Game Face), you should also be able to create your own competitions and teams (
    – International competitions that should be available to compete in both Career Mode should be World Cup Finals, World Cup Qualification, 6 Nations, Rugby Championship, European Nations Cup, Pacific Nations Cup, June/November series and tours (including Lions tours every 4 years)
    – Club Competitions should be Heineken Cup, Amlin Challenge Cup, Super Rugby, Aviva Premiership, RaboDirect Pro 12, Top 14, Japanese Top League, LV= Cup, ITM Cup, Currie Cup, Heartland Championship, World Club Championship (a unique pre-season competition between Heineken Cup champs, Super Rugby champs and Top League champs)

    Put a lot of though and effort into this. I think this would separate Rugby 14 or Rugby 15 from other sports games and would sell very quickly.

    • About the team creation, you should be able to choose where the team plays, design a unique kit and create a unique stadium. This also reminds me that all kits.equipment should be licensed by companies such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Under Armour, KooGa etc. There should also be a variety of weather conditions to play in (ie, sunny, partly cloudy, overcast, light rain, heavy rain, light wind, strong wind, light snow, heavy snow etc), as well as a variety of times of the day to play in (afternoon, evening, night)

      • On your point about weather conditions, have the conditions actually affect the game! The wind for goal kicking is pretty much bang on, but then it fades in actual gameplay! Maybe even simulate the high altitude in seeing the ball go further?! hehe

        • My additions:
          – Have player stamina as well, possibly with the high altitude affecting players?

          – licensing (cannot stress this enough, Kit, players, stadiums, everything.)
          – tackle graphics
          -natural player improvement and decline as they get older
          – country all star teams
          – the barbarians & the lions

          – more stats (instead of just tackling have close quarters and broken field)

          – Check the comparisons on stats, rugby challenge all the Super Rugby teams were much much better than Heineken Cup teams
          – Frequent online updates on squads and player form, like FIFA does
          – have transfers work similar to FIFA
          – Rugby Challenge had waaay too many knock ons, I know they’re forwards but just make the pass slightly behind them so they have to slow down to catch it, otherwise it breaks up the gameplay too much
          – Better commentators
          – Have stadiums filled realistically, not packed out for a standard club game but full capacity at Twickers for ENG vs NZ.
          – Scoring mechanism. Rugby 08 was fine for this but Rugby Challenge is stupid, once you press the button they stroll an extra couple of metres past players that suddenly can’t tackle them? or take an age to dive. Just make it a standard put it down or dive.
          – On the subject of scoring, celebrations? Could take them all straight from FIFA, adding a couple of special ones for certain players

          – more complicated line out calls – rugby 04 did this but poorly. you could have 10 (should be more than enough for one game) line out calls per game which can be changed at the menu but not during the match. This could be improved further by a “create your own line out” option (similar to create your own play in madden) where you can choose the number of people, people bumping out, lob throws, off the top/maul etc. Would need a time limit though.
          – World League (that shit was epic)
          – Improved difficulty settings. On all of them you can stroll through the middle on easy and most of the time the hardest settings are still pretty average.
          – Realistic offloading, no 30m offload of the left hand of a prop.

          – Hit stick is great idea- get my bosh on

          • About the point of miscellanious teams like the Barbarians and the Lions, there should also be a Pacific Islanders team and a NZ Maori team too. And about the commentators, there should they should have different commentators for each country (ie Grant Nisbett and Justin Marshall for NZ, Phil Kearns, Nathan Sharpe etc for Australia) as well as the actual broadcasting companies for each country, so when there are games in New Zealand, it’s presents by SKY Sport, in Australia, it’s presented by FOX Sports etc. Like the points on Stadiums being filled properly, realistic offloading and the altitude stuff. Before I finish, there should be realistic bounces of the ball. Every rugby game always has a really predictable bounce. Make it bounce sideways or forward/back unexpectedly every so often.

          • Will this discussion be sent into EA Sports HQ? Because it should be!!

    • I think in the be a pro mode you should br able to ‘skip’ the training and your player still progresses; but if you actually do the training it is more rewarding and you see a significantly better progression in the player.

      Also with the licensed kits they could use the same sort of thing as they did with fight night.

  12. Fifa just with rugby. They could keep the game modes the same (Seasons, Ultimate Team, Career) and just have the actually game different, wouldn’t require as much work as you’d think.

  13. Ultimate Team should just be a definite after its success in other sporting games EA have produced…

  14. Most important thing has to be making the scrum a contest. For too long, rugby games have made it so the front row have very little impact on a game, so the scrumaging abilities of props need to have more of an impact

  15. Career Mode like fifa would be amazing , with players developing and every team getting a transfer budget to buy players. Ultimate team would also be amazing if it could be done. I think if they make the game good enough people will buy the game regardless if they like rugby and the sport will attract more fans which would be great for rugby and for EA.

  16. If they put ina decent ultimate team and they put anyhting like the effort into games modes & gameplay as fifa etc. then its gonna be an amazing game. Needs all the international and club teams & leagues, fully liscensed. League & Sevens crossovers is a great idea, but could be over ambitious.

  17. Keep every thing like 06, but maybe a in depth create a player mode similar to nba 2k14s. Like you play for Auckland Grammer and get offered itm cup contracts and move up the ranks to all blacks ect, also country transfers would be awesome like being able to play in wales for a few years then play for them on the 6 nations! Also world leage is a must! Keep the offloads to a minimum cause that’s what ruined rugby challenge for most of us :p please bring this game out for next gen consoles me and my friends have been dreaming of this for far too many years and rwc 2011 was borderline satisfactory although the controls were similar to the old games. Please!!!!!

  18. Ultimate team option. Sellig and buying players.
    All the competitions (six natiosn, world cup, aviva prem, super rugby, rabodirect PRO12 ,heineken cup

  19. A player career like in fifa. You’d control the whole team but your player’s performance in particular would be rated. If you play well enough for your club, international call up and maybe lions selection could come as a result. That would be awesome.

  20. In order of importance I would like to see these things in an EA Rugby game:

    1 – Licensed teams and competitions. Nothing worse than in rugby challenge having the international teams full of random players and not being able to directly insert club players due to ‘licensing restrictions’.

    2 – Game play needs to be solid (not necessarily flashy). Have good mechanics for scrums, mauls and rucks. Very much as in previous rugby games. This is where previous EA incarnations were strong

    3 – More player attributes. To make players stand out in madden they introduced a ridiculous amount of attributes. In rugby similar would be good. For example offloading, side stepping, crash ball, break tackle and even split tackling into ‘technical tackle’ and ‘tackle power’. I used to get sick of Shane Williams running over Simon Shaw, and Castro throwing in a ridiculous side step mid phase. Just killed the realism.

    4 – Active role of leaders/captains. It would be good to set in the team a few extra roles, such as defensive leader, line out caller and maybe vice captain. They could have boosts attached to them to improve the players surrounding (i.e. Parisse boosting the whole Italian pack, BOD improving the Irish back play).

    5 – Coaches should be introduced. One only has to look at Wales to see how much a coach can influence a team. Having a good coach could influence player ratings (for example in Gatlands case all players get stronger and fitter, the forwards are better in the scrum, yet the backs are less creative). Shaun Edwards could boost the tackling. Just an idea really. It has been used in Madden for years.

    6 – A career mode with players actively retiring, improving and declining with new players coming on the block. I really like Madden 25’s manner of improving players through experience. Also although Madden has an annual draft, in the same manner each club could have a handful of players appear through their academy systems/feeder clubs which are available to sign.

    7 – Tracking stats. This is probably just me, but I was always frustrated that you could not see career stats on career mode in previous games. It would be nice to see how many points players have kicked in their time with the club, how many tries etc.

  21. I’d like to see the fullback involved a lot more. When receiving kicks too the fullback should have time on the ball to kick, unlike in rugby challenge; I’d also like to have players run onto the ball and the passes not go 5m back the whole time. In rugby challenge 2 you’ll have a 3 man overlap and it is impossible to draw and pop because the passing is crap

  22. Be a pro mode like in fifa

  23. Things here in order of importance:

    player ratings to be much more accurate (some world class players in rugby challenge had ratings in the 60’s and some players that used to be good but are passed their date such as BOD who was rated 94).

    More player attributes, such as running lines, vision, kicking power, goal and infield kicking accuracy, tackle power, tackle technique, scrummaging, jackling, line out throw, side step, hand off.

    the handling should be more realistic (only really skilled players e.g. SBW should be able to throw long out the back offloads) and the passes should let the players run onto the ball.

    More open play structure such as: guards, a simple flat line, and a decent press all in defence and pods of forwards and more running lines and positioning in attack

    getting the ball down over the line. it really frustrated me on rugby challenge when you got the ball over the line but the player you are controlling still tries to break tackles and ends up going over the dead ball line.

    different types of tackling like in the rugby league world cup game that recently came out (which i think is a brilliant game by the way)

    more realistic break tackles such as small players with a high break tackle only being able to slip out of tackles and not run through people, big hits such as the one Manu Tuilagi did on Jean De Villiers and when a player breaks a tackle they don’t have to stop to do it.

    the full back to come into the back line in attack a lot more and the back three in the backs working in a lot more of a pendulum like in a real rugby match.

    Now points that would be fun to have rather than necessary:

    Ultimate team- just as well designed as FIFA

    Skill button- lots of rugby players do much more complicated steps than the normal basic one, also some skilled kicks and offloads would be good

    And finally updates in squads for international and clubs and updates on player ratings

    So overall just make it a lot more like FIFA because it is so successful as it is so realistic.

  24. sorry didnt realise mine was so long its just that i really want a decent rugby game to come out

  25. and also customisable moves for line outs and the backs

  26. rugby legends for ut

  27. Ultimate team, every league licensed and BIG SAM BURGESS

  28. We also need new young good players such as Jack Nowell to be a decent rating like at least 77 and Exeter chiefs to have a decent rating as well

  29. Rugby 08 style. Ability to customize plays like formation and tactics in FIFA. Better and more realistic passing/off loads that RC2. EA sports should make this and only borrow the idea of scrums and perhaps lineouts from RC1/2

  30. Would like to see the game have a engine similar to the EA NFL games that have great gameplay features, graphics and it’s very realistic. A rugby game with the same engine would be a great place to start.

  31. Licensing four all the major leagues! Super rugby, top 14 orange, aviva premiership, rabo direct, European competitions and international sides!

  32. An ultimate team mode would also be class!!!

  33. A my player option where you pick a club and begin to work you way into the firsts team whilst developing as a player in your attempt to become as good a rugby player as possible

  34. A Career Mode feature where you go in using your customized player, but instead of controlling the whole team, you control only you on the field. Get reward points to build your stats, and build your Rugby career. A Draft selection where different coaches may approach you and set an interview asking if you would like to represent their team. Sideline interviews for Captains of each team after a match. A more fluid/flowing commentary, with more jokes, more stories, more immersion, like talking about players, injuries, championships in the past, most valuable player on the field, key players, who to watch out, interviews etc. A replay option..lol I miss watching plays over and over again.

  35. 1.Fully licensed teams serously if you don’t have all the teams fully licensed then its going to be shit thats like one of the few things that let rugby challenge down aswell
    2. Better ratings for players/ more realistic players rating ( one of the things i found quite dissopionting about rugby challenge 2 )
    3.Ledgends being so we can use players like Buck Shelford,Jonnah Lomu,Jason Robinson,Johnny Wilkson etc etc
    4.more advanced Manger/Career mode

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