If there was ever a case of someone being brave from a distance it has to be the skinny juvenile from One Directionless having a go at Mike Phillips from the safety of his inappropriately named ‘smart’ phone!


If Phillips is more than happy to get into (or likely start) a scrap with Paul O’Connell and co., I can’t see him shitting himself at the possibility of having to go toe to designer sneakers with a kid who prances about and sings falsetto for a living. The only real risk would be tripping over the brat’s wallet.


You have to laugh – this kid is in the boy band that recently claimed to be bigger than the Beatles. Although to be fair they are right there – there were only four Beatles.

Jesus wept – if only their talent was as big as their heads and mouths!


I’m hoping that their millions of teeny fans will now start to slag me off on twitter for daring to criticise them – the blog could do with the publicity and I could start selling advertising space to Farley’s Rusks.