We’re now two rounds into the 2014 Six Nations with 20 tries spread across 6 games and a total of 221 points recorded by all teams so far. 

2014 RBS Six Nations Rugby Championship Launch 22/1/2014

Despite much of the pre-tournament hype though I can’t help but feel that the 2014 Six Nations is yet to live up to its illustrious billing. Whereas last years tournament exploded into action in the first round before fizzling out in the latter stages, this year the Six Nations seems to have failed to fully burst into life at this stage.


I know it is still early days but unless you’re an Irish fan you must be wondering to yourself what all the fuss is about. Barring a decent showing between France and England during the opening weekend there have been no games that could be held up as a decent advert for the quality of Northern Hemisphere rugby.

I’m not sure whether’s it’s down to the conditions, styles of play or even just the basic skills of the players but I am yet to see anything from a game that would suggest it could compete with the entertainment factor of the epic Rugby Championship game between New Zealand and South Africa last year (highlights below).

The one thing that the Six Nations does still have over other tournaments is the proximity within which it’s competitors sit. The fact that you can be at any of the teams national stadiums within a few hours ensures that there is always a huge travelling support which helps to create an incredible atmosphere that no other tournament can match.

Unfortunately Saturday’s game between England and Scotland left the home fans so destitute that they could barely mumble a half-hearted grumble by the final whistle. Welsh fans in Dublin over the weekend were also left in a similar state as their side only managed to register a meagre 3 points as the Irish coasted to victory.


Unfortunately dull lifeless performances like these are draining both home and away fans of any nugget of inspiration that they can cheer about. By sucking the atmosphere out of games the tournament risks losing the very cornerstone on which the Six Nations is built.

Maybe I’m being a bit pessimistic but if the tournament continues to provide such lacklustre displays by its teams then fans will quickly lose patience. If the Scots can’t get their fans fired up for a game with the auld enemy then they are doing something seriously wrong.

Here’s hoping we see some more entertaining spectacles in the final rounds of the 2014 Six Nations tournament.