A story in the news today is the rumour that Rugby League star Sam Burgess (currently at the Rabbitohs) may be joining a Premiership team (Saracens?) in time for the World Cup (for England not Saracens obviously).


It may be a bit late to fast track him into the squad for 2015 as even Jason took a couple of seasons to fully acclimatise. However, having seen footage of him and read reports from Sydney it could be a very interesting move. Pity they didn’t also try and sign the other Sam (Tomkins) before he went off to play League in New Zealand.

The story is denied by the Rabbitohs (well they would wouldn’t they) but it is all over the web – so just maybe!

Sam & Sam would be some partnership and finally make the centre a really competitive position!

There are other good rugby stories in the news today and I’ll post them in a minute.