Yesterday we did a short feature on 5 key items essential for every rugby player, today instead we are going to take a look at 10 non-essential items that seemingly no rugby player worth their salt can go without…


1 Flip Flops

Snow, rain, blizzards? It doesn’t matter, all rugby players seem completely immune when it comes to flip flops. No matter what the weather we will be wearing them at every possible opportunity.

flipflops2 Tape

No matter what the location or reason, if you can see skin before running out onto a rugby pitch you should probably tape it up. Ear falling off? Tape it up. Dodgy hangover? Tape will sort that headache.



3 Fancy Rugby Socks

Shorts literally hanging together by a thread? Shirt barely get over your rapidly expanding guy? Who cares! As long as you have a brand new pair of flash rugby socks you will be fine!

rugbysocks_1503933c4 Protein Shakes

Only came on for the last 5 minutes? That’s fine, just make sure you get a protein shake down you asap and you’ll be fine! It’s all about the health shakes, that is until we get to the bar!



5 Massive Earphones

No player aspiring for the big time these days can get by without a seemingly gigantic set of headphones to pump out their ‘beatz’ before, (occasionally during) and after a game.

headphones6 A Dodgy Rugby Shirt

Whether it be a Stade Français shirt you picked up in a bargain bin or something you went on your last rugby tour in, a truly horrific rugby shirt is an absolute must for all players.



7 Sports Supports

Not happy with simply just having our bodies adorned in all kinds of wonderfully coloured tape, it seems there is also a requirement for sports supports on every joint we can and can’t think of.

Support_Waist_Belt_Wrist_Wrap_Elbow_Knee_Ankle8 Cotton Pants

Although a shirt and tie may be the standard dress for most players before and after a game we love any excuse to throw on the tracksuit bottoms and relax (it’s common for rugby players to have big thighs don’t you know!).


9 More Tape

5 minutes into a game and watching the corners of your tape rolling up? Then it’s definitely time to stop the whole game so you can apply a bit more and make sure every last bit of skin is covered.


10 A Pint (or 10)

No real game of rugby can be complete these days without at least one pint in the clubhouse afterwards (unless you play junior rugby – you might want to have a word with your parents if you’re under 16 and agree with this one!)


What’s the most random thing you can’t go without at a rugby game?