There was a tweet from Brian Moore this morning that gave me pause for thought (I know, I know!)


It read –

“So Gove wants to make kids run round fields in detention. Cut school Sports funds & make them equate exercise with punishment – brilliant.”


I was a tad surprised that Brian thinks this is a good idea but then I realised that Gove might well be onto something so I think I’ll drop him a note with some other suggestions.

‘Michael – why don’t you force kids to eat salad and broccoli whilst they’re in detention?, you could also reward them with a 20 pack of B & H each time they tip the scales at an obesity level and how about replacing milk at break with an extra-large can of Red Bull? Oh no, you can’t do that since one of your predecessors already ‘snatched’ that away!’

I just hope the f**k that he realises that Brian and I are being ironic – that’s not a given (or even a Goven)