No matter who you are or what position you play, there will always be a number of pieces of essential kit every player requires on game day, here are our top 5;


Rugby Bag

Every player needs to sort themselves a decent sized back for carrying all of their kit about on game days and at training. A good rugby bag should have plenty of space in the main compartment along with a number of side pockets for storing other items that you don’t want in with your muddy kit. Having a bag with a shoulder strap is also preferable to ensure you can carry it around without it getting in your way. Don’t worry too much about a flash bag, we would recommend something reasonably priced as it’s likely to get pretty messy both inside and out.

Rugby Boots

Whilst most clubs are likely to supply you with a shirt and possible even shorts, an absolute essential for all players is a decent pair of rugby boots. It’s worth investing a bit more in a good pair of rugby boots as there is nothing worse than having to play half the game hobbling as boots have rubbed your feet. Particularly in wet conditions you need to ensure that your boots have a decent set of rugby studs in for maximum grip, especially in the front row.

Mouth Guard

They may not be the most stylish (or comfortable) things in the World but a decent mouth guard is a key piece of equipment for players at all levels. The huge collisions even at lower levels of rugby mean that protecting your teeth is incredibly important as nobody wants an expensive trip to the dentist. Although you can get fairly cheap DIY mouth guards we would always recommend going and getting one professionally fitted to ensure it provides maximum protection.

Base Layer

Whilst many may not consider base layers to be an ‘essential’ piece of equipment for playing rugby, for players with larger thighs (which should be all of you – you play rugby not football remember) then a decent pair of under shorts will ensure no chaffing. Not only this but if you can find a base layer with compression technology it can help to slightly boost your performance during games.

A Decent Hoody

Whether your stood on the sidelines waiting to enter the action or just sat around in the clubhouse after a game, having a decent hoody is an essential item for any rugby player. Let’s face it, even when we’re being tough rugby players it does get pretty cold out there in the middle of winter when the rain and wind are coming at your from all angles so don’t risk causing an injury by not having something to keep you warm before you start playing.

What piece of rugby equipment can’t you live without?