Having already taken a look at the 13 Types of Players You Find in Any Rugby Team I thought it might also be fun to take a quick look at the types of fans who turn up to games on a regular basis. Make sure you let us and your friends know which type of fan you are;


The Loud One

The one who is always shouting something usually nonsensical even when there is nothing happening on the pitch, often spurred on by a pint or two of the good stuff.


The Know-It-All

The one always seems to be sat behind you talking absolute garbage and generally making a tit of themselves by making out they understand the rules when clearly they have absolutely no idea.



The Glamour Girl

The woman who would struggle to even spell rugby yet turns up every week dressed up to the nines and sits there looking totally bored and miserable, usually on her boyfriends arm.


The Wise Old Guy

Sits there in near silence observing the game but when asked any rugby related questions displayers a near encyclopaedic-like knowledge of any area of rugby your look to quiz him on.


The Femme Fatal

She will usually turn up with a male partner (although not always) and whilst many may suspect she has been dragged along, the trust is in fact the complete opposite.

Fans watch the rugby


The Come-What-May

The type of fan who has owned a season ticket since time began and who never misses a game, no matter what!


The Corporate

The ones who spend hundreds over pounds for a crap dinner at every game and masquerade round like they are rugby fans but in reality don’t have a bloody clue.

outlet_rugby1The Jokers

The type of fan who will turn up to every game in the most ridiculous fancy dress no matter what the conditions or likely result.

Wales_fansThe Full-Kit Guy

The one who turns up to every game wearing seemingly every piece of branded team-wear their club have produced this season (usually doesn’t have a clue about rugby though).


The Complainer

The one who turns up every single week yet finds themselves complaining about everything each time they come.

french372The Armchair Fan

The one who revels in telling all of their friends about how they’re a ‘rugby fan’ yet has never even stepped foot inside of a rugby stadium despite owning all the kit and feeling like they can act like some kind of keyboard warrior.

_ATP5105Make sure you let us know which type of rugby fan you are…