As something of an antithesis to my piece on 10 things I hate about rugby here is a look at 10 of the things that I currently love about rugby.

1. The Fans

face-painted-rugby-fans-21568420Although not completely unique to rugby it is becoming increasingly rare in the world of sport for fans to be able to integrate so well and not need separating in the stands. Not only that but I don’t know any other group of sports fans who are able to give and take such great banter without taking any of it too seriously.


2. The Community

IMG_5184Whether it be meeting some amazing new friends who have helped me build In The Loose or chatting to fans and players down at my local rugby club there is no better community I know. The great thing about rugby is no matter where I end up I know I will always be able to develop a group of friends through rugby.

3. Huge Hits

13067I’m not talking about those illegal tackles that make your blood curdle but when a tackler really hits the sweet spot and somehow it seems you can hear and almost feel the hit even with 60,000 fans shouting around you.


4. Respect

Referee-Alain-Rolland-sho-007No matter who you are or how big you may be, when the referee calls you over you reply “yes Sir” and politely accept your berating (even though you know he is wrong).

5. Moments of Genius

rugby5Whether it be a side-step, off-load or picking the perfect line, little can compare to a magical spark shown by a player that can turn a game on its head.

6. Barbarians FC

Barbarians v New ZealandHow many other professional sports teams can boast that they select a team from the most exciting players in the world and prepare for a game by having a good piss-up before blowing the opposition off the park (occasionally)?


7. The Characters

014028-nick-cumminsAlthough becoming a rarer breed in the professional eras the personalities in a rugby team add an extra dimension to the sport and keeps fans wanting more.

8. The Freaks of Nature

jonah-lomu-rigby-star-interview_eNo other sport in the world seems to attract quite so many physical freaks.

9. The Fat Lads

fat-rugby-playersSomething that really sets rugby aside from other sports is that even at the highest level there is still a place for players of any shape and size.

10. Technology

TMOYes the TMO isn’t perfect but it is rugby’s willingness to embrace change and trial new laws and technologies that ensure it is constantly on the forefront of innovation.

Let us know below what it is that you love about rugby…