The position of prop suffers from much derision despite being a cornerstone of any teams performance. In honour of this fact we have decided to take a slightly satirical look at how the rest of the team views their slightly rotund brothers in arms. Here’s how the rest of the team view props.

How the Second Row See Props

canonFor the second row, props are nothing more than a large object to pummel the opposition scrum with. A human wrecking ball they can launch at another front row in the hope of bowling through them like a ball through skittles.

How the Number 8 Sees Props

Not-Like-The-Others-Another-Fat-FriendAlthough similar in both height and weight, the Number 8 sees his propping friends as his slightly less evolved cousin.

How the Scrum Half Sees Props

0014_Josh Herdman, Tom Felton, Jamie Waylett as Gregory Goyle, Draco Malfoy, Vincent CrabbeThe props to their scrum half as Crab and Goyle are to Malfoy – two large witless oafs in need of constant organisation and derision in equal measure.

How the Fly Half Sees Props

Snorlax-blocking-the-way-pokemon-30772032-465-640The props are as likely to get in the way of his own fly half as he is the opposition. The props are simply large immovable objects that must be circumnavigated at all costs.

How the Wingers See Props

10791The pigs (sorry I mean props) are nothing more than a pair of filthy animals who spend most of the game with their snouts in the mud snuffling around for truffles or anything else they can get their paws on.

How the Props See Themselves

strongman-meme-generator-strongman-because-we-dont-worry-about-gas-milage-3bef71Capable of inhuman feats and constantly having to carry the rest of their team-mates, props are the true rock-stars of rugby even though the rest of the world doesn’t know it yet.

Let us know which position you play and how you see the props.