13 Types of Players You Find in a Rugby Team

Rugby truly is one of the most all-inclusive sports out there, whether little or large, fast or slow, there is a place in the team for you. Below we take a look at 13 different types of players you will find in any rugby team.

The Hero

Usually found – Back row/centre

The guy who always performs but never shouts about it so often goes almost unnoticed. Usually pops up with a key try in most games.



The Beast

Usually found – Back row

A literal man mountain who sacrifices training for the gym. May not be the best player but almost impossible to take down.


The Brawler

Usually found – Second row/Prop

A guy who doesn’t fully buy into the philosophies of rugby, sees it more as a legitimate excuse to throw a few punches in every game.



The Gobby One

Usually found – Scrum half

Often the smallest player on the pitch yet makes a racket like you wouldn’t believe. Usually found either bossing around much bigger players or yapping at the ref.

gobby one

The Benchwarmer

Usually found – On the bench

The one who turns up every week but is a complete liability when on the pitch. Usually kept on the bench until the last 5 minutes to avoid them conceding too many points.


The Whiner

Usually found – Centres

The one who always seems to pick up an injury during every game and then takes great delight in making sure everyone is aware of it for weeks after.


The Armory

Usually found – Back row

The one who turns up every week with every piece of kit imaginable and sometimes even more. Scrum caps, shoulder pads, shin pads, gloves, etc are all essentials despite barely making a tackle.



The Old Guy

Usually found – Full back/hooker

The guy who looks like he should have stopped playing 20 years ago yet is always one of the best players in every game.

old guyThe Cocky One

Usually found – Wing

The most infuriating player in a team, always banging on about what they’ve done/are going to do and annoyingly usually come up with a try.

cocky oneThe Wannabe

Usually found – Fly half

So self-confident they usually play in key positions despite cocking up at nearly every possible opportunity.

wannabeThe Animal

Usually found – front row

Someone not afraid to get their hands (or face) dirty but always seems more interested in getting hammered in the clubhouse than actually playing.

animalThe Useless One

Usually found – Wing/Back row

A player who has absolutely no concept of any rules yet throws them-self round like a rabid animal. As likely to have a moment of magic as they are to give away a penalty.

cluesless oneThe Fat One

Usually found – Prop

Usually considerably more rotund than any other player in the team. Completely useless in open play yet an immovable object in the scrum.

fat oneLet us know which type of player you are.





  1. We have a few of theses !!

  2. The old one at fullback, I think 39 is still under 40. You can’t stop at 20.

  3. The sacrifice!!!

    The one forward no matter the injury that has occurred on pitch or off risks life and limb for possession of the ball and will not take a knee or injury time with the doc until the whistle blows!!

  4. The fat one turning to an animal 🙂

  5. Damn…. I’m ” The Old Guy” and as listed … The Hooker lol

  6. You didnt include teh flanker/breakaway. Known as teh terrier on speed. Not alot of size about them but manages to be involved in most plays during teh game.

  7. great..even at Amstelveen Rugby Club in the Netherlands we have these players

  8. Definately the Animal…no love of training but love the off field antics!

  9. I think I have it all!

  10. I missed out most of these and have been The Fat One since moving to the front row…er– 35 years ago.

  11. the gobby one
    normally is a good scrapper because all his own players wanna see the little shi’ite get a kicking, but deep down they love him and will fight to protect him only they have seen him take a few and throw a few.

  12. Complete bollocks! Obviously, the author is intimidated and afraid of props…..hardest working and smartest players on the pitch…..with little personal glory…..

  13. I’m a cross between the gobby one, the whiner and the wannabe. Balls.

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