We all know that rugby is the greatest sport in the World but here are ten quantifiable reasons as to why Rugby Union is the greatest sport on the planet!

1 – The Fans

In how many other intensely confrontational sports can you mingle with opposition fans and be able to share some great banter?

rugby fans


2 – Respect

In what other walk of life could a 5′ nothing referee lecture a 120kg hulk and receive complete obedience?

3 – The Hits

Rugby players are often on the receiving end of some huge hits and yet are still able to share a pint with their opposite number in the bar afterwards


4 – Physicality

Despite the huge hits and bone-crunching tackles rugby players find no need for excessive padding or ubiquitous body armour.


5 – The Flair

Whilst some players revel in the physicality of rugby, others are able to side-step, off-load and breeze through defences seemingly at will



6 – It’s an All-Inclusive Sport

How many other sports are there that would have the capacity to allow a man of this physique to become one of the best players in the World?


7 – The Camaraderie

No matter what’s happened on the pitch, when a player goes down every other player will be right there to help them back to their feet.

player injured


8 – The Passion

Both the fans and players are so unbelievably passionate about their sport and are fiercely loyal to their national shirts!

rugby crying

9 – The Haka

How many other sports can put on such an incredible show before the main even has even kicker off?




10 – Moments Like These

There are so many unique moments in rugby involving both fans and players that it is impossible to settle on just one.



Let us know why you think rugby is the greatest sport on earth!