Being a Sale Sharks fan has to be one of the most frustrating and stressful experiences imaginable, but when it all comes together it’s something truly special. Now here’s 21 sure-fire signs you’re a fan of Sale Sharks

1. You know Swanny better than half of the current squad

swanny2. You call this guy Frank

mark cueto3. You still think Sale should be back playing at Heywood Road

heywood road 4. S-a-y-u-l is about the extent of your lyrical repertoire

sharks fans5. Although “always look on the bright side of life” is rapidly becoming a fan favourite

Salford city stadium6. Despite this, you and 200 others can easily out-sing 1000’s of opposition supporters

sayul7. You know that this guy is 22, not 32

henry thomas8. Saturday 27th May 2006 is still one of the greatest days of your life

sale_champions_4909. Your Friday nights look like this…


10. …and feel like this…


11. …and smell this…


12. …but are totally worth it for moments like this


13. You are the only fans in world rugby who can understand this

pato gray

14. You’re starting to grow quite fond of this guy

Sale Sharks v London Wasps - Aviva Premiership

15. You will always wonder what could have been…

lost ones

16. …and never forget the ones that got away

got away

17. This guy can still do no wrong in your eyes…

charlie hodgson

18. …and this guy became a club legend in just six months

dan braid

19. A visit from these guys fills you with a sense of dread…


20. …but you’re starting to enjoy your visits down to Castle Grim


21. But overall there’s still no better feeling than being stood here

sale8What is it that makes you sure you’re a Sale Sharks fan?