rugby 14Whilst we may have had a number of efforts at rugby games since the 2007 release of EA Rugby 2008 none of them have quite lived up to expectation.

Limited player licenses meant players couldn’t be transferred and clunky game play made it hard to have any kind of free-flowing rugby.


Unfortunately since the 2007 EA Rugby release we have seen and heard nothing more about another effort. We are here to try and change that. We need you to show your support by completing the following steps;

1. – Comment below this post to show your support for a new EA Rugby game

2. – Tweet this post to @EA_UK_PR and @Shaunwhu EA’s UK head of PR using the hashtag #EARugby

3. – Get sharing this post with all of your friends and get them showing their support for a new EA Rugby game

4. – Like our Petition Page over on Facebook

If we can get enough people throwing their support behind this and following the above steps we will be able to show EA just how much demand there is for a new rugby game.