Show Your Support for a New EA Rugby Game

rugby 14Whilst we may have had a number of efforts at rugby games since the 2007 release of EA Rugby 2008 none of them have quite lived up to expectation.

Limited player licenses meant players couldn’t be transferred and clunky game play made it hard to have any kind of free-flowing rugby.


Unfortunately since the 2007 EA Rugby release we have seen and heard nothing more about another effort. We are here to try and change that. We need you to show your support by completing the following steps;

1. – Comment below this post to show your support for a new EA Rugby game

2. – Tweet this post to @EA_UK_PR and @Shaunwhu EA’s UK head of PR using the hashtag #EARugby

3. – Get sharing this post with all of your friends and get them showing their support for a new EA Rugby game

4. – Like our Petition Page over on Facebook

If we can get enough people throwing their support behind this and following the above steps we will be able to show EA just how much demand there is for a new rugby game.





  1. Definitely make this game, we desperatly need it!!

  2. Needs to happen! C’mon EA, we’ve waited long enough!

  3. WE NEED A GOOD RUGBY GAME. I like ea 2005 (only one i had) and i liked it at the time but technology has moved on and there is a gap in the market for a GOOD rugby game

  4. this game needs to happen a lot of people here in nz still play rugby 08 and 06 just because its far better than any other shit game someones thrown with the likes of rugby challenge and the rugby world cup game and whats with the sell out naming rights bullshit buy them back and get hearty ea

  5. Its about time we had a modern rugby game! Lets go EA

  6. We want a quality rugby title! Sadly SIdhe felt short mainly because they’re a small studio and their marketing efforts centered around NZ and Australia.

  7. make a decent rugby game ea please

  8. I believe a game can be made around the gaming engine of madden, similar player movements just tweaking and adding towards rugby, would be amazing. If it’s marketed properly a rugby game could be a huge hit worldwide, especially with the 2015 world cup in england

  9. make a new game! My mates and I have been talking about a new EA rugby game since 2008

  10. The USA needs a great rugby game to help gain the publics intrest

  11. The world needs a Rugby game. Give Fifa players something else to play.

  12. Please make another!! 06 and 08 were amazing!!! The world league was great. There are so many people still playing the 08 game game because there has been nothing of the same quality to replace it!!!

  13. Please EA! Make this happen

  14. Everything since Rugby 08 has been pathetic, gameplay, licensing and even graphics, it was all EA! None of this Sidhe shit, or a Rugby World Cup game WITHOUT licenses..

    Come on EA! Would be really appreciated in NZ, and audiences in USA and Europe could open through RWC 2015!

  15. Come on EA get on this! Especially with the new ignite engine.

  16. There was EA’s attempt at the RWC 2011 game which was quite poor. Since then, Jonah Lomu Rugby has come out, and Sidhe have iterated on it with Rugby Challenge 2. (
    Personally, I would like to see Sidhe do more regular updates, DLC with a season’s new signings, and licencing more players.
    They’ve got a better handle on the game currently than EA had in their RWC game.

  17. We have all waited too long for new half decent rugby title.
    please make this game and do it right

  18. An EA rugby game would be brilliant. Especially with fully licensed teams, leagues etc. Plus I’d love to play Rugby Ulitmate Team!!


  20. i still play rugby 08. this needs to be made and would be profitable

  21. Please, make a new rugby game with IGNITE!!!

  22. If you make it ill buy it!!

  23. make it happen EA

  24. new rugby game would be amazing, i know all my friends would buy it! a rugby game in the mould of all the FIFA games would be perfect, player licences are a must. please EA!!

  25. please make this game, i would love you forever ea sports.

  26. Pleeeeeeaaaassssdsseeeee make one

  27. This needs to happen
    I baught RC2 and was left a little dissapointed with the quality of the game but If EA could create a game with the same effort they created the FIFA games it would be great

  28. Need this game so bad

  29. We need this and hoping for a be a pro campaign starting low and work yourself up

  30. Get making it EA

  31. Francisco Ferreira

    We want EA to do it, but do it for PS3 too

  32. this has such a huge market and the sport of rugby is growing massivley! c’mon EA! PLEASE MAKE THE GAME!

  33. EA plz make ultimate team and for ps3 plz EA rugby is so popular
    we need this game come on RUGBY 14

  34. Really hope EA takes notice of this and does something about it… Hopefully they’ll make another rugby game after the world cup at the very least.

  35. it would be awesome EA!

  36. MAKE IT NOW!

  37. ea please… there are so many rugby fans in the world waiting for a rugby game, you just have to make a new one, because rugby world cup 2011 sucked. rugby 08 was the only really good one, but it’s too old now

  38. they need to make this asap!!!

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