Rugby is a game full of huge characters, bizarre rules and quirky fans which all melds together to create some great banter. Whilst this banter may result in some fantastic one-liners, here are 10 phrases you will never hear a rugby player utter on or off the field.

“Does this shirt look a bit tight?”



“I think you’re right ref, I will definitely have to go off for treatment”


“Did you see that props sidestep?”




“A pint? No thanks, I’ll have a diet coke”


“Wow that scrum half sure is a quiet chap”6

“I love doing cardio in training”




“I always release the ball immediately after being tackled”4

“That tackle was a bit rough wasn’t it?




“Did you see that props drop goal?”2

“You’re right ref, I wasn’t on my feet during that ruck”
1Let us know what else you would never hear a rugby player utter during a game.