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gymOur new resident strength and conditioning coach Keir Wenham-Flatt will be answering your rugby fitness questions in a new weekly column on In The Loose. If you would like your questions answered by Keir then leave a comment below or send it over email to

Keir is currently working with the Argentine national side having previously coached Lonond Wasps, Rotherham Titans and London Scottish.




  1. i am only 63 kg for a 1m83 height how could i take in some weight without taking any grease

  2. Hi Keir, As someone training to be a strength and conditioning coach myself I was wondering if you could tell me about a typical rugby training week in season. as well as the type of cardiovascular endurance exercises u give to your players.


  3. Richard Lloyd-Jones

    Hi, I consider myself a reasonably fast centre but my speed endurance isn’t great. How do I improve that and my speed? thanks

  4. What a good training regimen to improve sprinting speed?

    Additionally, what sprinting form is ideal for rugby?

  5. Best exercise to increase my scrummaging power, i play in the first row

    • I did a strength and conditioning workshop recently, and the uk strength and conditioning vice chair said he trains front 5 forwards with the behind neck overhead squat press (back of steel). you basically stay in the low squat position and do barbell shoulder press

  6. Hi Keir, what would be your ideal week of training be split into for a back row forward, in terms of what to hit,how and when, whilst bearing in mind sundays are match days.

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