rugby teamSo after two superb weekends of Heineken Cup rugby it seems rugby may be heading down the slippery slopes of Wendyball as the clubs begin to take control.

Meanwhile Justin Bieber tribute act James O’Connor looks set to be bringing his late night extravaganza to Europe whilst Premiership players are giving new meaning to the term “high ball”.

The Tail’s Wagging The Dog

So with the Welsh doing what they do best and following the English lead it seems they have delivered the final nail in the coffin of the Heineken Cup. In fairness it is an understandable stance as the four regions face financial oblivion (although would it be such a bad thing if nobody had to travel to Newport ever again?).

My issue however is not with the Welsh waving a white flag almost as quickly as the French but with the way the clubs seems to have taken control in this situation. The Unions look set to be cornered into allowing their clubs to compete in the new Rugby Champions Cup without so much as being able to put up a whimper.

This is starting to bare a striking resemblance to what has occurred in elite level football (particularly in England). The clubs took the power from the FA and haven’t looked back since, this has seen the rapid decline of the national side at the expense of the Premier League pound. The clubs have got richer and have been able to dictate to the national federations the terms of player releases and as such have seriously hampered the national teams performance in regular seasons.

I just hope that the death of the Heineken Cup isn’t the start of rugby following the same path.

James O’Connor Clubbing in Europe

So it seems the JOC has decided he is coming to Europe, the only questions now is which club? My first thoughts were Amnesia, Ministry of Sound, Space, Fabric or Pacha.

Let’s just hope that if some Frenchmas is stupid enough to throw hundreds of thousands of Euros at him he at least has the decency to turn up for his club rather than stumbling out of one at 4 in the morning.

It’s Like A House Party At Michael Barrymore’s

So it turns out in the last year 5 different players in the Premiership have been caught with recreational drugs in their system. What the ‘eck is going on? Matt Stevens got a two year ban for testing positive for Cocaine (and rightly so) – this bunch of Jessy’s receive a tickle under the chin and are warned not to do it again.

Surely not that much has changed in 4 years that means it’s now ok for the supposed role models to be higher than Riche Gray’s bonce?

Rant over! Seems we’re all heading to hell in a hand cart anyway!