Armour Wash from BodyArmour is a natural, skin friendly body wash especially for Combat Athletes, however it’s great for all contact sports!

With a range of natural ingredients the body wash will stop you from suffering any infections and will also keep you smelling fresh.

I’ve used Armour Wash for a few months now and am down to my last few millilitres, its a great product that has maintained my skin well!

As a regular gym goer too, I use the product a few times a day and it has done a really sound job of making me feel fresh.


Fragrance- 4/5 Terrific smelling and stays on your skin for a good period of time to maintain the washed, clean, minty smell.


Frothiness- 4/5 A small amount goes a fair way and spreads nicely so you don’t run out too quickly.


Natural-Does it work?- 5/5 It certainly smells natural, it contains natural ingredients and benefits your skin. Great product.


I recommend this product to any sportsmen/women who undertake contact sport or anyone in general if they want a green, organic body wash.


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