Manu Does Cockers A Favour

tuilagi cameron bunny earsI reckon Manu might just have done Cockers a favour with his “bunny ears” stunt on the PM. Anything to take some ruddy attention away from former ‘hardman’ Richard Cockerill posing like some hussy in his smalls. What a fecking embarrassment! When the bloke supposed to be managing him is acting like some Jodie Marsh want-to-be posing in his pants in the national press it’s no wonder Manu doesn’t think twice before doing something stupid.

cockerill yogaJO’C’s Over

Once again Wallaby ‘bad boy’ James O’Connor has made a bit of a tit of himself getting thrown out of an airport for drunkenly arguing over a seat. All sounds a bit Gavin Henson to me. Maybe he should take a year out to become a ‘celebrity’ before making his way through more clubs than Danny Cipriani’s had sexts.

Henson-offerWallabies Down Under

What on earth is going on with the Wallabies right now? Accusations are flying round of a Deans hangover and a pack not able to compete. As far as I can remember the Aussies have always had a bunch of big Jessie’s up front but where’s the ruddy magic gone from the backs? Could this be the beginning of a long downward spiral for Mackenzie’s men?

Sin Binned

Bloomin’ hell referee(s). Watching Poite and Fox recently has been more like enduring a poor attempt at a Monty Python sketch so bad have been their errors. Players and coaches receive bans for flouting the rules so why shouldn’t the sodding whilst-blowers. ‘Sir’-my arse!

ben fodenSit Down Lad

Now that’s what I call a tackle! A huge hit by Isaia Tuifua in the ITM Cup.