sale sharks steve diamonWatching your team win is always a great feeling. After a incredibly long first half and tense last 20 minutes, Sale Sharks sealed a victory over London Wasps.

4 points. I’m a happy videographer.

After capturing some happy players on the pitch, off to the press room I go. I set up to get the views from Steve Diamond.

Then off to the tunnel, to corner the lads as they make their way from the changing rooms, upstairs to get some nosh.

What struck me about the lads that evening, is how humble and down to earth they were about the win. After such a turbulent season, last season, they have said about taking each win as they come and taking nothing for granted. And listening to them, I feel like each one of them lives by that, making them a stronger unit. “They’re all tough [games]” -Mark Cueto

The fact that they could of been top of the table Friday night did not pass them by. And from that disappointment, they haven’t wallowed, they have used that feeling constructively. Trained hard and are fully motivated to prove to everyone that last season will not repeat itself and the Gloucester away win was not a fluke.

Sale Sharks play Northampton Saints on Friday at Franklins Gardens. Coverage is on BT Sport.

Next home game is 4th October against Bath, kick off 8pm at the AJ Bell Stadium, visit the Sale Sharks site for tickets.

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