grip tec ukSo last Saturday brought about the opening game of the season for Wilmslow Rugby Club as we took on local rivals Macclesfield. With forecasters predicting a sodden afternoon in Manchester it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out my new stash of Grip Tec kindly provide by the guys at Grip Tec UK.

Essentially Grip Tec is a new paste brought over from New Zealand that helps provide additional grip, particularly in wet and slippy conditions. In this instance however the forecasters had once again got it completely wrong once again so I strolled out to warm-up with the sun on my back with hands freshly coated in Grip Tec.

Fortunately I had previously tested Grip Tec with rising 7’s star Craig Monaghan so had a fair idea of what to expect before using it in a game. The paste definitely does exactly what it says on the label as you can instantly feel the extra grip provided once the formula has been applied to your hands. At first it does take a little bit of getting used to as when passing out of hands covered in Grip Tec the ball sticks just that fraction longer. I would therefore highly recommend trying it out in training first rather than going straight into a match with it.

After a few minutes however you begin to get used to the effect it has on the ball leaving your hands. Once you get over this minor hurdle however….WOW! Even when we poured a litre of water over our hands and the ball it still stuck better than in dry conditions. We were able to literally launch the ball at one another, throw it at strange angles with spin and put it right up in the air and not once was it dropped. In some cases we were even able to catch the ball one handed such was the additional grip we were afforded by the Grip Tec formula.

During the actual game on Saturday it gave me that extra bit of confidence when catching the ball even in difficult circumstances. As someone who has been forced into the front row I’m hoping that the extra grip might just help me avoid one or two unnecessary scrums this season from accidental knock-ons and dropped balls in contact. The extra confidence afforded by the increased grip is also a huge boost as I imagine those players less comfortable ball in hand with feel that little bit boulder with ball in hand.

Possibly the only down side to the Grip Tec paste is that it does appear to come off on the ball a little over time thereby affording your opposition some of the benefits of increased grip. Although if like me you are keen to keep the ball in play rather than going through set-piece after set-piece this could be a welcome bonus. I definitely envisage myself using Grip Tec regularly throughout the winter months as the improved grip on the ball is hard to believe until you’ve actually tried it yourself.

If you are thinking of picking yourself up a tube of Grip Tec I would also highly recommend picking up some Grip Tec remover as well as the trouble I has getting it off my hands after the first test was unbelievable. Now obviously this is great during a game as you don’t have to keep re-applying paste but can be a nuisance after training.

I’m going to put my neck on the line here and tell you all that this is one of the few products to have come out for rugby players in recent years that provides genuine results when in match conditions. Forget the fancy sports gear and instead get yourself a couple of tubes of Grip Tec, you will definitely notice the difference immediately.

If you’d like to find out more or get yourself some Grip Tec then check out the Grip Tec UK site here.

P.s. I’m slightly worried about how much the guy on the tube looks like me…