10 COMMANDMENTSTen commandments for all of you rugby lovers out there to live by…


  1. Thou shall have no other sports before rugby.
  2. Thou shall not make for yourself any idol, for rugby is about the team.
  3. Thou must have a colossal gob to play scrum half.
  4. Thou shall remember and keep the rugby day holy.
  5. Fat lads up front, skinny lads on the wing.
  6. Thou must batter thy opposite number before shaking his hand.
  7. Forwards must not put boot to ball.
  8. Thou must always attempt to steal the opposition’s ball.
  9. Thou must not give false evidence to the whistleblower (unless it is to fain not being injured).
  10. Thou must not be envious of your brother’ number for he is the holder of the shirt.