The 5 Most Passionate Sets of Club Supporters in Europe

Whilst debate my rage on regarding whose more passionate than who, certain groups of fans seem to always sing just that little bit louder, or turn up in slightly larger numbers at away games. Here we look at 5 clubs who we believe to have the most passionate sets of supporters. You can vote for who you think is most passionate below…


mun-634x328After a recent vote on this site was overwhelmed by cries from Munster supporters to include their club it became apparent just how passionate fans from Limerick are. Travelling in huge waves to support their team all across Europe and flooding stadiums in red, the Munster supporters have helped cheer their team on to regular glory.


RUGBY : Toulon vs Toulouse - Finale - Top 14 - 09/06/2012A truly rugby mad city with fans who quite literally worship their players. The clubs owner Mourad Boudjellal recalled how the support shown by the cities fans managed to persuade him to help save the club and spur them on to their recent success.


GloucesterPassion111Having experienced The Shed on several occasions in recent years I can safely say that Gloucester fans create one of the most passionate atmospheres in club rugby. The noise created in The Shed must be daunting for any visiting team whilst cries of “come on Glaws” can regularly be heard over any others at stadiums around the country. A recent survey by the Aviva Premiership actually proved that Gloucester has the most passionate fans of all.


290412BM0285Irish rugby has one of the most tribal fan bases in the world with clubs supporters passionately following their team and vociferously backing their club against all others. Leinster have been one of the most successful clubs in Europe over the past decade as a result of the passion and commitment shown by their fans, especially on the road.

Leicester Tigers

Leicester-TigersOne of the key reasons behind Leicester Tigers continued success in club rugby is the clubs fans. The teams supporters have continued supporting their club in numbers unheard of in most Premiership grounds, and what an atmosphere they create. Welford Road can be considered a true fortress whilst at times the Tigers fans have made their side look like the home team by tuning up in such huge numbers.

Clermont Auvergne

cleremontAfter an overwhelming response from fans we have added Clermont to the vote. It seems that even opposition fans can see the passion of the clubs supporters who turn up in their droves on match days to cheer their team on no matter where in the world they are playing.


Which club do you think has the most passionate set of supporters? Would you include any other fans? Vote below or leave a comment to let us know…

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  1. clermont should be there…. they have excellent supporters

  2. How on earth are the Clermont supporters not in this list? The final in dublin in may they must have outnumbered Toulon 5-1

  3. just look at this

  4. Munster fanst just from limerick

  5. Worcester Dave..?!

  6. Munster made the Heineken cup what it is. We were the first to travel all over Europe to support their team. Which was around the turn of the Millennium, when all the rest were sitting on their sofas. Most of Leinster didn’t know what a rugby ball looked like until 4 years ago. Munster will be back and even stronger!

  7. I’m a Tigers season ticket holder, but I would have had Ulster up there. Best travelling support I’ve ever seen at Welford Road.

  8. Glaws represent the true heart and soul of British Rugby support; the greatest and most passionate club rugby supporters in the world. The passion, the knowledge, the noise and the heritage is clearly there to behold. The real glory of Gloucester Rugby is best typified by the typical excitement shown by it’s supporters in the accompanying photograph. Glaws have just scored another brilliant try against Bath….one of many which will be repeated many times over the coming seasons…. !!!

  9. Surely club sides don’t include regions, therefore Gloucester would win this easily. Also surely passion should include all games. Not just turning up for the HC.

    • So a club representing a city is ok but a club representing a region is not? In Ireland we don’t have clubs representing cities, we have neighbourhood / village clubs and then provincial clubs, that’s it. And rugby is only the 4th most popular sport here. Sounds like sour grapes on your part to be honest.
      And if you want to compare the passion in all games, not just HC, you can see that last season Gloucester averaged 14,037 attendance for their league home in Kingsholm while Munster averaged 17,851 in Thomond Park.

      • Your average attendance figures may be correct however if you compare them to the capacity at the two stadiums they tell a different story.

        Kingsholm has a capacity of 16,500 so to average only 2,000 below capacity is very good.

        In contrast, Thomond Park has a capacity of 26,630 so they averaged almost 10,000 below capacity.

        If Kingsholm had a larger capacity then i can almost guarantee the average attendance would be higher.

        • Thomond Park has a capacity of 26,500. But only 7 league games are played at Thomond. The rest are played at Musgrave Park which has a capacity of 9,250. So with this taken into consideration, the average capacity of league games is actually 20,228, not 26,500.
          Anyway, all of that is beside the point – “Alfred Baz Tension” was implying that we only go to Heineken Cup games and I was using the attendance figures to show how wrong he was. Nothing changes that.

        • Your stats on our attendance are incorrect..As far as being loud loud fans and breaking in to song we are far more passionate than ye I know this because I have been at your stadium a few times

          • I took those stats from the Gloucester website so maybe you should take it up with them.
            And I couldn’t care less which team you think are the most passionate. We all think our own team is best. That’s fine. This isn’t a schoolyard and it’s silly to argue about it.
            As I already said, I was simply commenting on someone who I feel was being disrespectful by saying we only turn up for Heineken Cup games.

          • Can you all get over yourselves please and agree that we all passionately support our own teams. Ye’re like a bunch of squabbling children!!

          • When was I ever arguing. I was giving my opinion , you were giving yours. I stayed with the topic and backed up what I was saying. your last comment was not with this topic. No time for you

          • You’re not arguing? so why say things like “we are far more passionate than ye I know this because I have been at your stadium a few times”?
            As I already said, my initial post was in response to “Alfred Baz Tension”’s assertion that we only go to Heineken Cup games. That’s all I have to say

          • You must be a very innocent person if you think that’s an argument

  10. Just come to Kingsholm any time. There’s nowhere like it.

  11. Surprised Biarittz Olympic Pays Bas not included. Overall has to be Munster for me, incredible fans. Leinster a close second since 2009

  12. Are Munster and Leinster clubs, or artificially created provinces to enable them to compete with more established rugby clubs in France and England?

    • To posts 10 and 14… Munster Rugby was founded in 1870’s with a proud Tradition as long as Gloucester’s or any other club for that matter.
      What difference does it make to name your club after a county town/city or a province when clubs (like Gloucester for instance), have only 2 or 3 players in their squad actually from Gloucester?
      You’ll find many more natives in the Munster squad.

    • The Irish provinces themselves actually go back to the early Middle ages and have been deeply enshrined in Irish culture ever since … you can’t get less “artificial” than that…. the rugby clubs obviously came a bit later (Munster Rugby was founded in 1879) 🙂

  13. I dont think you should include welsh or irish as they are regions not clubs….munster have supporters spanning across the south of ireland….

  14. There’s more than 3 local lads in the Gloucester squad. What’s the average gate for a Munster home game in the Rabodirect ?

  15. This is hilarious, Leinster in the top 5. Munster played Leinster in the Heineken cup semi final of 2006 at landsdown road and Munster out numbered the at least 10 to 1. The majority of them Leinster supporters still had the creases on their jerseys from just taking it out of the packet. So you have just got a team who are followed by people who jump on the band wagon. Munster Abu.

  16. I guess you will find more ‘natives’ if your town/province is larger. For example, Gloucester – population 121,000: Leinster – 2.5 million.

  17. The Miracle match between Munster and Gloucester in 2003 HC was the most spine-tingling match I was ever at. As a Munster supporter the result was obviously great but both sets of supporters were incredible before, during and after the match.

  18. Gloucester!! End of argument! I’ve travelled over Europe with them and we can be heard anywhere in any stadium. The shed, of which I’m a long standing STH, is second to no other ground I’ve ever been to

  19. Gloucester fans I feel are the most passionate fans out of all the clubs. They feel the ecstasy when they win a game, and feel the disappointment in a loss. Also how many clubs have their fans waiting for the gates to open at least 3 1/2 hours before the game.

    • Gloucester Rugby is a club not a modernised and recently compiled rugby region representing much of southern Ireland. We are from a small city, it is smaller than many towns. The Shed is the oldest rugby terracing in the world. Without doubt we have the history and passion to turn this tiny city into the most passionate hotbed of rugby not just in Europe but the world.

      • What part of ” founded in the 1870s” don’t you understand? Around the same time as Gloucester was founded. While we are representative of clubs in the region it is far from recently compiled! If it was “recently compiled” how did we beat the All Blacks in 78, or Austraila on a number of occasions stretching back over the last century. It’s very disrespectful from a team who have never won it. Get your facts straight and get yourself ready for another Thomond park spanking you English teams are so used to getting come October.

      • “recently compiled rugby region” ….. as I said in another post, the Irish provinces themselves actually go back to the early Middle ages. Pauleire is right in saying you’re being utterly disrespectful and should get your facts straight.

  20. Average attendances for Munster’s Rabo games (Musgrave Park & Thomond Park) over the last four years is about 16,000, Thomond Park only would be about 18,000

  21. Munster is a province made up of six counties not just limerick,munster supports also come form cork kerry clare waterford and tipperary and yes they have by far the best support

  22. I could write a big speech about why Munster fans are the most passionate but it would take too much time. As we certainly are the greatest fans any rugby team could ask for bar none !!!!

  23. When are we going to get over this nonsense of slagging off teams fans. People and cultures are different, get over it and get on with supporting you team rather than feeling you have to slag off other teams.
    From a Munster fan!

  24. Maybe I am one of the kucky ones, Mumster born and bred and living for last 9 years in Gloucester – with season tickets for both, both fans are fantastic – role on October!

  25. Vote a bit unbalanced. Toulon/clermont would have far more votes than they do if this wasn’t an English speaking blog.

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