liam gill failed kickLet’s face it, rugby is one of the most fantastic sports in the world as it can be played by all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately though this doesn’t mean all players are capable of all things. Here I take a look at 7 of the most magically hilarious occurrences in rugby and make the point that in some cases  players should just stick to what they know, although one or two might surprise you…

 The Prancing Prop

Like watching a baby hippo bounding through the wilderness, the rare sight of a prop side stepping an opponent is truly magnificent if a little strange to witness. Just check out this video of Gethin Jenkins in all his glory.


2 A Scrum

No I’m not talking about the collapsing mess we usually witness as props drive to the ground hunting for truffles but when we see a scrum actually standing up whilst one team drives through the other. Just check out this amazing video of the English scrum manshaming the Irish during the six nations.

3 The 16th Man

Depending on which side of the fence you sit the ref is either your best mate or the biggest prat on the planet. Despite this we still remain respectful enough to call the man in charge “Sir” no matter what the circumstance, but this doesn’t change the fact that when he gets caught up in the action and knocked to the ground we don’t all let out a hearty laugh.


4 David vs Goliath

So rare in fact is this phenomenon that this video was by far the hardest in the series to find. Every once in a blue moon we will witness a little bloke with the number 9 on the back of his shirt pluck up the courage to make a proper tackle instead of screaming at his pack to do the work for him.

5 The Cave Man

Like a neanderthal first discovering fire, on occasion one of the pack may realise it is in fact possible to kick the ball. Unfortunately though, unlike the discovery of fire, the forward may find his new discovery to be harmful to both himself and his team. Usually resulting in a slice or hoof out on the full, Liam Gill discovered this for himself in the video above.


6 The Bombed Try

Fortunately for all of us, despite these highly tuned athletes spending hours every day honing their skills, we occasionally see a clear try scoring opportunity missed as a player falls victim to white line fever. The slow-mo zoom ins on the disgraced players face provides us with hours of endless entertainment as we pause on the moment they realise they have lost the ball when it seems easier to score.

7 Richie McCaw Getting Penalised

Quite possibly the rarest spectacle on the list, so rare in fact that even the man himself looks shocked when the ref blows him up. A true great of the game, yet widely renowned for his ability to get away with damn near anything on a rugby field. Fear not my non-All Black supporting friends though as we have found video evidence that even McCaw has seen yellow in the past.