Australian National Rugby League video referees will explain their decisions in this weekend’s penultimate round of the NRL regular season.  These explanations will take place in all games in the round and will feature between 5 to 10 second explanations of decisions.  I think this will be very interesting and should be used in rugby.  In the past season I have seen some strange decisions made by rugby TMOs and so this would be a great way of finding out why referees make their decisions.  This will make the game more user friendly for spectators.

You can say what you like about rugby league administrators, but they are far more innovative than their rugby equivalents.  Remember, the NRL has two referees in games and if memory serves me correctly they switched to video referees before rugby union used the technology with their TMOs.

This will put added pressure on video referees.  I wonder if it will stop the on-field referees using the video referees so much?  In recent times they have become very reliant on the technology.

Should rugby require TMO decisions to be explained?  I say, yes!