c city brothersWhilst rugby can be a very lucrative career path, many players must still look to a new career after they hang up their boots.Here we take a slightly tongue-in-cheek look at some of the games biggest stars who might be playing to a very different audience at stadiums around the world.

The Gentle Giant

One of the most feared scrummagers on a rugby pitch, who knew Andrew Sheridan has such an incredible voice.

The Hip-Hop Prop

Despite his recent success with the British & Irish Lions this summer Corbisiero is also becoming equally-well known for his rapping skills.

Wrong Direction

Whilst I’d still much rather listen to the Crusaders boys than One Direction I can’t help but feel they’re still be suited to playing rugby.

Can You Dig It?

Simon Zebo took some time out of the Lions tour to make a guest appearance in this Aussie bar to lay down some lyrical gymnastics.

Croon, Bind, Engage

Another rugby giant with a voice to make the ladies quiver at the knees.

London’s Not Quite Calling

Despite being great fun to watch I somehow can’t quite see the Saracens boys receiving any Grammy’s in the near future.

No Bull

The Bulls boys might have a couple of pitch issues but I can’t say I fancy being the one to tell them they need to go for a second take.

Do you think any of this lot might stand a chance of getting a recording contract or is there anyone who we’ve missed off the list?

DJ Church

Fortunately Cian Healy knows the limit of his vocal talents and so sticks behind the decks with this effort.

Dr Beat

Is there anything Dr Jamie Roberts can’t do?

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