Put Your Questions to Strength & Conditioning Coach Craig Monaghan

moni 7s newThis Friday professional strength and conditioning coach Craig Monaghan will be answering your questions about getting into shape for the new rugby season. We all know what a pain pre-season is so make the most of your chance to ask one of the top experts in the industry for his tips and hints.

Already working regularly with site owner Dave Nicoll in addition to his work with the likes of Rotheram Titans, Craig Monaghan is rapidly becoming the go-to-guy for rugby fitness advice.

If you want to put your question to Craig we will be doing a live Q&A on Friday at 3pm (GMT) however you can submit your questions beforehand either by email to dave@intheloose.com or using the Twitter hashtag #AskITL and @ mention InTheLoose. Alternatively you can leave a comment below with your questions.

One lucky person will also be in with a chance of winning a bottle of Armour Wash, all you have to do is share a link to this page to be in with a chance of winning.

You can also follow Craig on Twitter for regular tips and tricks as well as to find out what he’s upto here Craig_Monaghan

moni belt newCraig Monaghan is a Rugby Sevens player and Strength and Conditioning Coach, with seven years in the sport, he first rocked onto the Rugby scene in 2007 scoring the winning Try in the All Arms Regimental Sevens, however he was injured in Afghanistan in 2009 which lead him to be more involved in the Training side of the sporting world, Training Rugby clubs around the North of England, He spent the summer of 2013 as a player/coach in Yorkshire after turning down a massive contract in America and more recently Thailand.

Craig plans on spending his 15s season gaining more game time and experience after only returning to playing in the winter of 2012 he will also be assisting in the Training of the team from speed and agility to strength and conditioning, alongside other commitments such as his own training for the season and also training MMA fighters from team MMA Life for up and coming fights in December, Craig Monaghan is currently a sponsored Athlete and holds Two World Records.




  1. Hi Craig, I’ve found recently that although I’m regularly hitting the gym and training hard the strength increases aren’t really coming, particularly on the bench press. I haven’t really been able to add any extra weight for a couple of months now as my strength hasn’t improved. any tips?



  2. Hi Craig,
    For the last few years my shoulder has undergone injury after injury with no doctor being able to figure out exactly why. At this point I am almost afraid to go back to the gym to try and reignite my weight training. Recently, a friend told me about intense sprint interval training and its effectiveness at building all around muscle without having to lift. I just wanted to know your thoughts are as I can no longer really do any training that involves stress on my shoulder.

  3. Hi Craig, I’m in my mid 40’s and in decent physical condition, 6’0″, 235, but lacking in endurance. I also have osteoarthritis in my knees. Lucky me, but i can tolerate the pain. I’d like to play rugby 7’s. Is there a conditioning program you can recommend for me? I know my work is cut out for me already. Thanks for your time.

  4. Craig,

    Can you touch on some drills for speed and explosiveness?

  5. Hello

    I’m struggling with the size of my calves, I’ve been told that many in my family have big calves, but I need something which can make them smaller? Do you have any suggestions? I do regular exercise etc but can’t find anything that works!


  6. I never saw any responses to any questions….

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