568x300_England Head Coach, Stuart Lancaster and Forwards Coach, Graham RowntreeCounting The Lions, the WRU, the RFU, London Wasps, Northampton Saints and Munster Rugby amongst their users its fair to say Maximuscle have a pretty decent pedigree when it comes to rugby. But is it all marketing spiel fuelled by huge sponsorship deals or is there a more fundamental reason that so many elite rugby teams pin their colours to the Maximuscle mast?

In fairness I’ve been a big fan of the Maximuscle range for a couple of years now having come out of the wilderness of using own brand, generic powders but I’ve never really thought about whether or not the products actually work or not.

For the last six months or so I’ve been using another brand and seeing fair results but nothing out of the ordinary so when Maximuscle offered up the opportunity to try their Promax Extreme formula I thought it would be a good opportunity to see its true value, especially now I’m in fairly full on pre-season doing some one-on-one work with a trainer.

Why extreme?

So the first up question I had to ask myself was why is this product more costly than the normal Maximuscle Promax blend? Well at first glance I must admit to being somewhat shocked as Promax Extreme appears to contain exactly the same amount of protein that you would find in a standard Promax shake (35g). Upon closer inspection however you begin to see the benefits of going with the slightly more expensive powder.

First up the blend contains slightly less fat and sugars than the standard powder which is a massive bonus for a big forward like myself trying to reduce my body fat percentage ahead of the new season. In addition Promax Extreme also contains a 5.7g helping of creatine monohydrate in addition to magnesium and vitamin b6 which help combat muscle fatigue. This was particularly important for me as whilst I’m quite consistent when consuming shakes I’m useless when it comes to remembering to take creatine doses and so usually end up dropping out of a cycle before the maintenance phase even begins.


There’s no point in lying and telling you that a protein shake is absolutely delicious as we all know nobody drinks them for their taste. On too many occasions I have been left running for the nearest liquid that tastes like anything that isn’t the protein shake I have just drunk when trying a new product or flavour, yet with Promax Extreme I haven’t had to suffer such indignity’s.

Opting for the chocolate flavour I was pleasantly surprised at how easily it mixed in a shaker and the fact that whilst not completely delicious, the taste was still fairly pleasant to the point I quite looked forward to mixing it up post-workout.


So whilst it’s all well and good having a shake that tastes pretty decent and is full of lots of fancy sounding ingredients, the real reason we drink the things is to see improvements in size and strength as rugby players.

Well it’s fair to say that at this stage I’m pretty happy with the product for two separate reasons. The first being that I am already noticing a slight improvement in my physique. I’m finding my tops are fitting slightly tighter around the arms and the chest thanks to a 1.5kg increase in muscle mass.

In addition I have also noticed a slight improvement in performance when training. I’m lifting slightly more weight and able to travel slightly further in my HIIT training on a bike. This will partly be down to a slight increase in fitness but the gains I have seen in a relatively short period of time are certainly being aided by Promax Extreme.

In Summary

Like with any nutritional supplement, if you’re expecting to swig a shake and see huge gains then you’re always going to be disappointed. However, if you’re looking to use a protein shake to help gradually build lean muscle mass and improve performance then Promax Extreme is ideal.

The gains I have seen are slight but having only been using it for a few weeks I have been impressed enough to have already picked up my second tub. Whilst it is notably more expensive than most of the other products in its category the extra benefits make it more than worthwhile for me, particularly the inclusion of creatine in the shake.

You can pick up a tub of Promax Extreme here.