ea rugby 14 petitionOne of the big problems I find in the rugby off-season is getting my fix of rugby whilst I wait for pre-season to start. This year has been particularly difficult for me having had three forwards simultaneously land on my ankle leaving it look more like the insides of an old ladies stocking than anything I would want to flaunt on a rugby field.

This has meant I have now gone several months without having played a game, and am still several months away from the start of the new season. I can just about get by on the Super 15 thanks to a newly acquired Sky box but it just isn’t quite the same for me. Equally whilst having tried to get myself into Super League I just simply do not get the same enjoyment out of watching it.

Somewhat fortuitously this season has seen the Lions tour of Australia which has done a decent job of giving me a good rugby fix, but the fear is what happens in the next off-season? Yes there will be the usual international tours and 7’s tournaments, etc but without being able to watch regular professional rugby or play myself I fear for my sanity over the summer months.

The football fairies have regular instalments of the admittedly world class FIFA series, but what do rugby fans have?

In fairness Tru Blu have done a reasonable job with the Rugby Challenge series to date, unfortunately without full licenses and the AI developed over years of successful sports series, the game simply isn’t quite enough.

This is where EA come in. They have previously produced a number of rugby games that have been extremely playable and have the added bonus of including all of the players you would expect as well as the option to transfer players between clubs, thereby allowing me to relive childhood dreams of managing my own rugby teams and assembling a squad of unbelievably talented players.

Unfortunately the current EA stance is that there are no plans for a rugby game in the near future due to a lack of interest. With a World Cup in England just around the corner that seems like naivety at best or crass ignorance at worst.

This is where the guys at “Petition for EA to Mark Rugby 14” come in. Tom and his team currently run a number of social media profiles to help fans put their points of view across and to help show EA there is genuine interest in a regular rugby game.

If you to would love to see a proper rugby game with full player licensing released sometime soon then check the guys out on Twitter and Facebook to show your support and apply some pressure to EA.