super-rugby_2733061Super 15 Rugby players have taken a break over the past few weeks, but I haven’t!  Here is an analysis of the Super 15 Rugby 2013 most popular margin results to help virtual rugby tipsters playing SuperBru or similar tipping competitions.

Here are the facts

Super Rugby 2013 First 17 Rounds

– The home teams have scored 2607 vs 2247 away team points.

– The average result is home team winning by 3.5 points.

–  The home team has won 65 games, the away team has won 35 games and there have been 3 draws.

–  The most popular winning margin is 7 points happening 13 times, so if you are unsure when making your picks then it is a good option.  It is difficult to know if it is solely because of the bonus point for finishing within seven points or the fact that you can score a converted try to win by seven points.

Other popular winning margins are 1,5 and 6 points occurring 8 times, while 2 and 8 have happened 6 times.

–  The biggest margin Southern Kings 10 -72 Waratahs.

–  Margins which haven’t occurred this season so far include 21, 25 and 30 points.