romero rugby trainingEntrepreneur, University colleague and close friend, Oscar Fearns, is owner and Head Coach at the unique one-on-one coaching business, Romero Rugby. A business that still remains in its infancy with minimal assets, it looks set to grow at an extraordinary rate. Really focusing on the fundamentals of an athlete’s game, Romero is a motivational and observational tool that performers can use to reflect on, tweek and improve their performance.

Currently, the business has a handful of Bucks New Uni students on board, with a few former attendees now playing Down Under, at a level similar to National 3. The successes of those can be highly attributed to the input of Romero, and I’m sure similar successes are yet to follow. Now it’s time for Romero to kick on and expand, as Romero’s vision is to coach those of a younger age group, to help ingrain some key skills, rather than try and teach old dogs new tricks!

The motto ‘Immerse Yourself’ is the attitude that Oscar’s organisation encompasses. Ultimately, getting stuck in and working hard is how Romero’s performers are continually encouraged to go about each session. Utilising his coaching qualifications, playing experience with Myerscough College and briefly with Amersham and Chiltern, plus his interest in psychology, Oscar’s character and style is hugely unique, but most importantly, tremendously effective. With a very smart logo, exclusive selling point and intelligent long-term plan, Romero Rugby is beginning to branch out in High Wycombe. The hope is that Romero can be based at High Wycombe Rugby Club, and also establish a kit link with manufacturer, Rhino.

In trying to get to know the business a bit better, and see whether Oscar did happen to know his stuff, he offered to give me a one-off session, focusing around speed and footwork-

Initially, Oscar wanted to ascertain what I desired to gain from the session and tried to invoke a sense of confidence in my ability, whilst manipulating a positive atmosphere during the practice. In his coaching, he continually relates the skills being trained to your own needs and takes a hugely player-centred approach. His ability for innovation and pro-activeness are obvious in his sessions, making last minute changes that resultantly suit the individual.

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Romero’s coaching philosophy key’s into those driven, motivated characters and in a nutshell, guides performers to become the best they can be. To quote Einstein, ‘Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them’, and this really is what Oscar himself preaches. Assessing an individual’s perceived limits and breaking down that mental barrier to raise their game. A lot of Romero’s approach and marketing reiterates the importance of motivation, massively evident on its Twitter feed!

As a starter business, there is still a need for a financial boost. Whatever the company earns is reinvested, and that’s what’s terrific. A company that, pardon the cliché, whole heartedly gives the customer 110% all the time and still indulges in the tiniest of profits.

For any pre-season training, one-on-one coaching on fundamentals or even looking at the finer details, such as scrummaging, the team at Romero, which is ever increasing, are highly qualified and skilled guys to help elevate you to the next stage. With the addition of a talented photographer on board, this young organisation screams professionalism. With a website almost completed too and partnerships in the pipeline, Romero Rugby has an interesting future ahead.

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