vipr trainingVipr conditioning is a new take on a fitness ‘’class’’ from man behind school of hard knocks Chris Chudleigh and Vipr. This article will discuss why these sessions offer more ‘’bang for your buck’’ than other traditional workout classes and are particularly useful for people participating in team sports such as rugby etc.

Sport specificity

Vipr conditioning is unlike any other type of fitness class or experience because of the body positions and exercises you are asked to use. There is a high amount of crawling in low body positions as well as controlling the momentum of the Vipr and striking it against pads. This is extremely useful for any type of contact sport. The strength in low body positions is something that is necessary in many sports weather for rucks and scrums in rugby union or protecting yourself from being flipped on the ground in Judo. Striking with the Vipr’s is also very useful for sports in which you have to wrestle against other objects or peoples momentum and utilise that force to use it against the opponent.

Whole body involvement

The cage conditioning involves a high amount of crawling and strikes This is quite unlike any other conditioning you may receive in terms of the intensity it gives the whole body. Conditioning sessions that use a similar intensity such as spin classes tend to only utilise one movement pattern and therefore do not use as much of the body. Because of the high intensity of the activity your metabolism stays higher for longer causing you to burn more calories whilst resting. This also enables you to build muscle across your whole body as opposed to just one area.


Cage Vipr conditioning is a very unique style of conditioning which you aren’t able to get in any other way. This means it is a nice supplement to any other training routine as it takes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you in a way in which you won’t be familiar. Unlike most gym classes it is outside so you don’t have to trek down to the same old stuffy gym you get to enjoy the great outdoors yourself! Cage conditioning is also highly social encouraging you to interact with class mates and encourage each other to put more in and in doing so get more out of your workouts.

Time constraints

Cage Vipr conditioning is very short and sharp. It requires you to work very intensely for short bursts. This is very different to traditional classes or cardio exercise which tends to be very long and can become monotonous. Cage conditioning allows you to get an awful lot out in a shorter amount of time and is great for those who prefer more intense fitness. It is also ideal because it doesn’t take too much out of your evenings which allows you to have more time getting in some well-earned relaxation.

Energy systems

Cage conditioning requires you to keep moving powerfully even when exhausted. This is obviously very useful for increasing your VO2 max and is very specific for any sort of team sport. Furthermore because it utilises the ATP-PC system this form of conditioning allows you to build fast twitch muscle fibres rather than many endurance activities which rely primarily on oxygen. This type of exercise tends to promote slow twitch muscle fibre growth which are not nearly as large. To put it simply if you’d rather look like a sprinter than a long distance runner than cage conditioning is perfect for you.

So what are you waiting for classes are available at Otterspool in Liverpool on Monday and Wed nights as well as Saturday mornings. If your need more information its all available at

We can also bring it to your club so you can sample it first hand.  We don’t care who we make cry!