The jewel in the crown of the sevens circuit is held this week as the World’s best descend on Hong Kong. This weekend is often lauded as a great event for the fans and what better stage to debut an innovative piece of technology designed to enhance the spectator experience?

Goal Light Technology has made its debut at this weeks World Sevens Series event in Hong Kong. Image credit – Insta @goallighttech

‘Goal Light Technology’ (GLT) is a simple yet ingenious lighting system that will let the spectator know whether or not a penalty, conversion or drop goal attempt has been successful. The LED light on the crossbar and each upright will turn green when a kick is successful or red if missed – giving the visual effect of the posts lighting up. GLT say the ‘purpose is to increase the sporting experience and fan engagement within the event’. The intention is to aid and engage the spectator both within the stadium and at home watching on TV – with this quick and obvious indicator of the outcome of a kick attempt.

The system can be used to inform spectators at home or in the stadium of a succesful kick attempt. Image Credit –

The system is operated by an encrypted signal switch which is activated manually when the linesmen/referee indicate a successful kick. Giving the fans almost instantaneous feedback on the outcome. This will be especially useful for those sitting far away or where the view may be obstructed. Moving forward, there is opportunity for the system to be used to further engage supporters by indicating tries, potential foul play or by even conforming to a specific colour or brand identity.

This has been described as key part of the next generation of fan engagement. It surely wouldn’t be out of place in the futuristic La Défense Arena in Paris which is receiving rave reviews for its unique atmosphere and party vibe.


Written by James Jones